Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Love the whiteness all around....tree branches, deck rail and the torches that transformed it something resembling an ice cream cone:)   God is amazing!

Leafy Windows

 After all the Christmas stuff comes down, things look so blah!  I decided that after 6 years of feeling that way, it was time to get the sewing machine out and attempt to fix the emptiness in the room.  What do you think?  I love the pattern and I really like how it makes the room feel so warm.  I even had just enough fabric leftover to try my first pillow!!!!!

Night Table

This was Kailyn's heart's desire for her birthday......a nightstand!!!!!!  And of course I had to get a few accessories to go with it:)  So cute, and this is actually a nightstand we had in the basement because the one I got for her was junk and I had to bring it back.  Still searching for the perfect fit....but this one sure looks cute in the meantime!

Tie-dye, face jems and sleepovers, oh my!

 Somebody turned 7 at our house in January!!!!

DIY artwork

 From this.....
to this!!!!  All branches were drawn by Ryan and I added all the dots.  Love how this turned out and perfect for our living room after taking down all the Christmas stuff.

Natural Beauty