Friday, October 21, 2011

Post Family Farm 2011

Our annual trip to Post Family Farm was with our M-LIFE group this year (and Kailyn had a field trip that I chaperoned the week before).  The kids were super excited to pick a pumpkin and ride the pumpkin train!!!!
They both LOVED this kitty and had a hard time parting with it when our tour started:)
The first thing we did was ride the pumpkin train, much to Will's excitement!!!!
Found: The perfect pumkin!
They both surprised me by actually feeding this goat with grass right out of the palm of their little hands!!!!

Family Hike

The day before the cooler weather returned, we decided to check out the color and hike Mt. Pisgah.  The kids and I had enjoyed it so much this summer we took daddy back to see the fall was breath-taking!
Will trying to keep us excited to hit the trails!  That backpack was pretty heavy too, dinner was in there!
When we were finished we ate a picnic dinner and then when out for ice cream (although we had to go to Mc D's because the Capt. was closed for the season).


The leaves have started to fall in the backyard, and you know what that means?  LEAF PILE!!!!  The kids have been patiently waiting for the fall leaves to fall and give them a great big pile of leaves.  While they had fun jumping and being goofy, I thought it a perfect opportunity to snap some pics!
So adorable!
Always have to get in the being goofy shot, but this one was even cute!  Happy Fall!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple pickin'

This past week (when we hit high 70's and even 80 in October) we headed to Crane's to pick some apples!!!!  We pulled Kailyn out of school early that day so that we could make the most of the afternoon:)  We had a great time and picked mainly, Empire and Jonagold apples!
Such a good big sister:)
The Jonagold apples were rather picked over and so we had to reach (or lift) really high into the trees to get the good ones!
Enjoying the bounty!

Kapenga Farm Fun!

Farm fun was had by all when we attended the Kapenga Fall Farm Day!  There were pony rides, face painting, a hay maze, pumpkin decorating and much, much more!  The kids weren't sure what to do first....but they typically just followed their many friends who also attended this special fall event:)
Riding the smaller of the two ponies.....Will actually fell off the pony when the saddle turned sideways.  He got right back on the horse...hahaha!
We ended the evening with a hayride and then a handful of trips through the hay maze:)  Thanks again Wendi and Dave for inviting us!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Fling

This Friday night, under the lights, we were so proud of our little "cheerleader!"  Kailyn had attended a cheer camp last Saturday morning with our favorite HC cheerleader, Alexis (a.k.a. my cousin) and they got to show off their stuff at the game!  We couldn't have been prouder, she not only knew all the moves but was super outgoing and sure of herself in front of a stand full of fans:)
Getting ready!
Kailyn and Alexis!
NOT happy at all:)
Wow, look at that kick!
My favorite pic.....priceless!
We also captured a few moments on the camcorder before it malfunctioned and we lost the entire footage of the little dance they did at half time:(  It was one of those times that I couldn't have been prouder and even shed a few tears, but I have it in my memory forever!  You did a great job peanut!