Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Love the whiteness all around....tree branches, deck rail and the torches that transformed it something resembling an ice cream cone:)   God is amazing!

Leafy Windows

 After all the Christmas stuff comes down, things look so blah!  I decided that after 6 years of feeling that way, it was time to get the sewing machine out and attempt to fix the emptiness in the room.  What do you think?  I love the pattern and I really like how it makes the room feel so warm.  I even had just enough fabric leftover to try my first pillow!!!!!

Night Table

This was Kailyn's heart's desire for her birthday......a nightstand!!!!!!  And of course I had to get a few accessories to go with it:)  So cute, and this is actually a nightstand we had in the basement because the one I got for her was junk and I had to bring it back.  Still searching for the perfect fit....but this one sure looks cute in the meantime!

Tie-dye, face jems and sleepovers, oh my!

 Somebody turned 7 at our house in January!!!!

DIY artwork

 From this.....
to this!!!!  All branches were drawn by Ryan and I added all the dots.  Love how this turned out and perfect for our living room after taking down all the Christmas stuff.

Natural Beauty

Lego Mania!

 The day after Christmas was spent in PJ's, drinking coffee and putting together millions of legos for both Kailyn and Will!!  What a blast!!!!!
 The Friends' lego sets are adorable. Kailyn has a whole city set up!
So proud to have new legos to add to his collection!

Like Father, Like Son

So happy to have the same kind of shirt that daddy has!!!!!! 


 Waiting for paws to dry so he can come in the house.  Too cute!
 Good Boy!
Hard to believe that this pooch has been part of our family for a year already!!!!!

Christmas Highlights

 Had only a few crafts that I attempted this Christmas.  I was teaching so much I hardly had time to wrap presents. ( A really good problem to have.)
 Our family reindeer this year!
 Fun baking projects:)
 Making glitter ornaments!!  The glitter is on the inside= no mess.  We had so much fun making these.  Definitely a redo for next year!
 One of the many weekly fun gifts we gave to our school teachers!
 All decked out....too bad our season didn't end well:(
 Ryan found this channel with a fireplace on it....added some ambiance to our Christmas morning!
 Putting together Barbie's beach house....notice the smile!
Kailyn and Brook.....cute cousins!