Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restaurant Style

While preparing dinner one night this week I found myself needing an extra hand to stir something so it wouldn't burn.  Kailyn quickly put her imagination to work and we began to pretend that we were professional cooks in a restaurant.  We printed up a menu and the kids set the table. We also lit a candle to set the restaurant mood:)  Kailyn even served everyone their soup and was a great hostess!!!!!
The menu is upside down, but you get the idea!!!  What a fun was to eat my children's creativity:)

I *heart* You!

Kailyn's valentines treat!

A day in the life.....

It's almost been 2 weeks since we took Tucker home!!!!  He is adjusting fairly well!  He LOVES to explore and is actively teething:)  He is a really smart baby...he tells us when he needs to go outside by crying and scratching at the door.  He also paws at the cupboard where we keep his food when he's hungry.  Tucker also thinks he is a lap dog, when anyone is on the floor he will quickly crawl into their lap and get comfy:) 
The many crazy positions that we find Tucker in......
Getting comfy in the nearest lap:)
Loving the sunshine!
Kailyn decided to try out the crate with Tucker.....hilarious!

Friday, February 3, 2012


The newest member of our family....Tucker!!!!  We plan to take him home on Feb. 20 and are hoping the time flies by....we are totally in LOVE!!!!
He is currently 5 weeks old and 1 of 9 puppies.  He is a Golden Retriever/German Short hair Pointer mix.
The kids are totally you can't tell:)
Doesn't look very comfortable, but he didn't fuss at all!
Our countdown chain until we get to bring Tucker to his forever home....OURS:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bookstore Date!

Saturday Night was date night!!!!  I started the first of a few themed dates...this one a bookstore challenge!  I came across this adorable bucket in the Lowe's painting department and dolled it up to meet my needs:)   In it I put our challenge (with 3 rounds of books to find and then share with each other), our gift cards for dinner and Barnes & Noble and a print out of Captain Sundae's logo.
Here's a look at the challenge that we each recieved....after each round we got together to share what we had chosen and share a cup of coffee (seeing as Starbucks is right there) :)


This weekend we were able to make some progress in the breezeway......we took down the ceiling and removed the remainder of the paneling!!!  Now to make things plumb and start the insulation:)

Epic Family FUN!!!!!!!!

This past week Kailyn had Thursday and Friday off school!!!!  We decided to take advantage of this break and use our special coupon for a night at the Holland Holiday Inn Express!  It was such a blast.....and the perfect weather for Ryan to take a few days off of work:)  Here is a peek at the epic fun we had!!!!!!
Our kids are water rats and absolutely LOVED swimming all night and then a few hours the next morning! 
The pool was in the shape of even had a star showing where Holland was!
Playing whale with daddy!