Sunday, November 25, 2012

U cut

This Friday, we piled in the truck (including Tucker) and headed to Prince Tree in Borculo to cut down our first Christmas tree since the kids were born. 
Above...our picture without Tucker.  Below....our attempt with Tucker!!
All decked out...the perfect tree!


Our thankful wreath!  Thanks to Family Fun for this super cool idea. I simply wrapped a styrofoam wreath with fabric and cut out different colored leaves from construction paper.  Each night we would each write something that we were thankful for and attach it to our wreath with a pin.  As you can see, there was little to no room left on our wreath by the time Thanksgiving rolled around.  I loved listening to the things that my precious children were thankful for:)

Beauty in the simple things!

One of our many breath-taking sun rises this fall!

Crafty Christmas Tee

I came upon this adorable Christmas tree tee on Pinterest and couldn't resist.  So....I grabbed a white shirt from Meijer for $6 and then picked out some ribbon and ric-rak and headed home to create some Christmas cuteness!  I am so happy with how it turned out....and so is Kailyn!!!!

Phonetic Phun....

 Kailyn has been reading and spelling things left and right.  Needless to say it has clicked and she has taken off.  The top picture is one that she drew me after I was a guest teacher in her classroom.  The bottom picture she entered into a drawing contest and WON!!!!!!!  They loved all of her phonetic spelling:)

Carving fun:)

 Kailyn was not at all grossed out by the pumpkin "guts".....Will wasn't so brave!
 Drawing out a picture so that daddy would know how to carve it they way they would like.
 Tuck....not so sure what in the world is going on:)

Indian Summer

 One day this fall, I pulled the kids from school early because it was 70 something degrees outside (too nice to be in school)!  We hiked Mt. Pisgah and played on the dunes at the beach!! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The big 6-0

Someone I love is turning 60.......
                                                                                       ......that must suck:)

Friday, October 12, 2012


Kailyn was given a goal to reach.....she finally was able to reach it and the prize: getting her ears pierced!!!!  There were a few tears, but thanks to her bestie Avery, she was supported :)

Lions Love!

Love our team!!!!!

Soccer Photo

My handsome litttle soccer player!


Kailyn is currently missing 3 of her teeth!!! So precious!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ballet & Soccer kick-off

 Kailyn is taking ballet again this year and was able to attend at Avalon again (where she LOVES to be)!
 Look at that form on the bar.....beautiful!
 Will's first year of soccer and he's on a team with his best buddy!!!! 
 What Kailyn and Avery were doing while their brothers practiced!

First day of school 2012

 My little first grader!
 My kindergartener!
 Waiting for the bus to bring them around the corner to school!!!

School Open House

 This year we have a kindergartener and a first grader in the house!!!!!  They were both very excited to go and check out their classrooms this year!
A super cute pinterest idea that we made and gave to the kids' teachers on open house night!