Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few projects:)

Feeling brave, I went into the fabric store and picked out some fabric to make a valance for over the kitchen window. While I knew I'd never match the sage green on the wall I decided to go with a neutral pattern fabric. Using the curtains my mom and I had made for my classroom, I began my first ever sewing project on my own.....and it was fun! I even had enough fabric left over to whip up a valance for over the slider. Now my home is much homier and warmer....while they are far from perfect, I did it!Katie is my inspiration for wanting to try these adorable initial applique shirts for the kids. So... we headed to Old Navy, picked out a few shirts and then went next door to JoAnn's to pick out some coordinating fabric. Then I printed off some letters in fonts I liked and made them a little thicker so you could really see the pattern on the fabric. Next I used Steam A Seam to attach them to the shirts. I'm hoping to maybe try a zigzag stitch on Will's W, but I am sure the curly on the end of Kailyn's K will be too hard for this beginner:) I don't particularly love the fabric on Will's shirt, but it was what he really wanted, so we went with it...not bad. I think a green stitch around the outside will help it stand out more!I have plenty of leftover fabric from all the projects and think I might try my hand at making some reusable baggies for the kids and I. So with that in mind I'm headed back to the fabric store:) (Thanks to Wendi for showing me how to make the baggies!)

New Wheels

A few weeks back Ryan took Kailyn to Meijer to pick out a new bike. Her old one had 12" wheels and she looked like a giant trying to ride it....so we decided it was time for an upgrade. She is ecstatic about her new ride and is looking forward to warmer weather so she can ride it lots:)Giving her bike a hug...silly girl!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Princess Wishes!

Last Thursday night was girls night out....and it was AWESOME!!!! Kailyn and I, along with 4 other moms and their daughters, took over the town. Our first stop was dinner at Red Robin and then off to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes!!!The Girls....not sure which camera to look at!We took our seats at about 7 and the show started pretty much 2 minutes later:) Kailyn was in awe of all her favorites, but absolutely LOVED Ariel!At intermission Kailyn and I took a few pictures of us. She wanted to show off her new prize possession....the tiara:)All the princesses and their princes came out in the big finale.....I was really impressed with the talent of the skaters!
All in all it was a very successful, much needed mom and daughter night. Of course, she had a blast with all of her friends too:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Paleontologists

This week's theme for preschool is DINOS!!! And it's putting it mildly to say we are dino crazy! The kids really enjoyed using brushes and brushing in the sand for dino "fossils."
They are wearing the dinosaur headbands that we made for a craft:)


I was able to grab this great costume for $2 at a local mom2mom sale! Will loves it (if you couldn't tell)!

Crazy Fairies!

Last week I had the opportunity to take my sister's girls for her......Kailyn and Brook are only 4 weeks apart and had a blast decorating crowns and dressing up as fairies:)My little mini-me and my sister's little mini-me!!!They always ask to do a crazy, silly shot.....so here it is:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before and After

Will and Kailyn decided to try their hand at laying track on the train table one night....not too bad!Then they got smart and asked daddy for some help to connect things up so they could really drive around:)

Hide and Seek Anyone??

William's new hiding place...too bad you can pretty much his whole body!!! Crazy boy!