Friday, June 25, 2010


This summer we decided to enroll Will in a tap and tumbling class! We thought that the structure and ability to be active would be perfect for our little man. He was so excited to get his shoes and dance with Miss was precious!Showing off his cool tap shoes!
Stretching out.....
Still stretching!Learning some tap moves...he really did great watching what to do and then doing it!We are so proud of you buddy....maybe next time you can make it through the whole class without needing mommy:)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Our last adventure, before heading home, was the Crayola Factory in Easton! As you can see from the pics, our kids were anything but happy and cooperative, but we did manage to still have some fun.Kailyn could have danced all morning if we let her! It was totally cool to see all the colors and dance moves she came up with....she can totally jam! One of the crafts that the kids actually did was to create an underwater scene and then they got to make bubbles by using bubble wrap and paint! When they were done they got to put their pictures in this drying machine, which was a hit!Their finished you can see they got a little help from mom and dad:)After painting our pictures, we headed to have some fun with Model Magic! And then upstairs to the canal museum to explore boats, canals and locks! Truth be told, our kids didn't get alot out of it, but what little kid doesn't love to play in the water, even daddy got in on some of the activities:)We ended our visit to Easton by going to the Crayola Factory Store, talk about a kid in a candy store, I loved it! Overall Easton was a fun place to go......but a long ways from home.

Easton, PA

After visiting with grandma for a few days, we checked out of Middletown and headed to Easton. The main attraction was the Crayola factory, but it was also our 10th anniversary, so we splurged on a two bedroom condo for the night! We ended up being on the 10th floor and the place was dreamy and the view breath-taking!These are just a few pics of the view out of our windows!The bridge to New Jersey...we were right on the state line!The round-about and the way we walked to go to the crayola factory. It worked out so well staying downtown, we didn't realize we would be able to walk to the factory!
The pool was a huge hit with my water rats and one of the highlights of our time in Easton!
Our large family area......way up my alley!We did have 2 bedrooms, but the bed in the second room was only a double, so we had to get creative! We had 2 of these chairs in the we took off the back pillow and put them end-to-end, covered them with towels and got the blankets out of the car and that was Will's bed for the night:)The monument and fountains in the round about. A dedication to the people who serve and have served the city of Easton! What a nice city.

Visits with Grandma Drayer

The main reason we decided to take a vacation to Pennsylvania was to visit Ryan's grandma!! She is living in an assisted living facility and has had several health issues and continues to struggle standing up and doing simple tasks without becoming short of breath. The last time we visited was when I was just pregnant with Kailyn, so we really wanted her to meet our children and vice versa. We were able to visit her on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before heading out of Middletown.We made grandma some paper flowers so that we could brighten her room and she could think of us when she looks at them. Talk about easy maintenance, she doesn't need to water them or do anything with them, really.We brought lots of activities for the kids to do while we visited. Among their favorites were their water color books and the story books I took from home!
I believe that we made grandma's week and she was really sad to see us go....hopefully we can go back again in a couple of years:)

Chocolate World!

Who doesn't need a little chocolate in their lives? Well.....we did for sure!!! One of our stops while in Pennsylvania was to Hershey World to take the short tour that shows how they make the chocolate and then to the Hershey store to stock up on some of the good stuff:)
Riding the tour and loving it! Kailyn loved the cows....the main ingredient in chocolate - milk!
A dream world!We opted for just a picture instead of purchasing one big tummy ache!Will and Kailyn each got to pick a non-candy item at the Hershey store. Kailyn picked a cow (big surprise) and Will picked a ball with Hershey on it (another big surprise!).I think this was one of my favorite stops, not only because of the chocolate, but because it was nice and short and the kids were great!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Aboard!

This morning we headed to the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania!!! The kids were super excited to ride an actual train, and the drive there was absolutely stunning!One of the few happy moments for our little man! I really had it in my head that he would LOVE an engineer's hat, but he was more interested in all the little farm toys, so I just took a picture of him in the hat!
Thomas the train just happened to be we got to see him too!
Listening to the conductor telling us the rules for riding the train!
Kailyn picked out a train whistle at the store and had a great time blowing it on the train!
Precious father-son moment!!!
Overall, the ride was fun and so was listening to Ryan tell the kids his memories of riding the train when he was little! The kids were sacked in the back of the car 5 minutes after leaving....of course all of Will's meltdowns did take a lot out of him:(