Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Aboard!

This morning we headed to the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania!!! The kids were super excited to ride an actual train, and the drive there was absolutely stunning!One of the few happy moments for our little man! I really had it in my head that he would LOVE an engineer's hat, but he was more interested in all the little farm toys, so I just took a picture of him in the hat!
Thomas the train just happened to be there....so we got to see him too!
Listening to the conductor telling us the rules for riding the train!
Kailyn picked out a train whistle at the store and had a great time blowing it on the train!
Precious father-son moment!!!
Overall, the ride was fun and so was listening to Ryan tell the kids his memories of riding the train when he was little! The kids were sacked in the back of the car 5 minutes after leaving....of course all of Will's meltdowns did take a lot out of him:(

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