Friday, June 18, 2010

Easton, PA

After visiting with grandma for a few days, we checked out of Middletown and headed to Easton. The main attraction was the Crayola factory, but it was also our 10th anniversary, so we splurged on a two bedroom condo for the night! We ended up being on the 10th floor and the place was dreamy and the view breath-taking!These are just a few pics of the view out of our windows!The bridge to New Jersey...we were right on the state line!The round-about and the way we walked to go to the crayola factory. It worked out so well staying downtown, we didn't realize we would be able to walk to the factory!
The pool was a huge hit with my water rats and one of the highlights of our time in Easton!
Our large family area......way up my alley!We did have 2 bedrooms, but the bed in the second room was only a double, so we had to get creative! We had 2 of these chairs in the we took off the back pillow and put them end-to-end, covered them with towels and got the blankets out of the car and that was Will's bed for the night:)The monument and fountains in the round about. A dedication to the people who serve and have served the city of Easton! What a nice city.

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