Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Official!!!!

Tulip Time has official begun for our family!! Last night we went downtown to do some shopping, to check out the tulips and to watch the dutch dancers. But not just any dutch dancers, we got to watch Aimee, Josh's girlfriend, dance with friends from school! They did an awesome job and they have Kailyn talking about it! We are just getting warmed up, the next week/week and a half will be full of activities and more dutch dancing:) After watching Aimee dance, we even started the festivities off with a special treat - an elephant ear!!!! I don't think Ryan or I really got to eat much of it, but the kids sure loved it!!!!Waiting for the dancers to line-up and start dancing!
Aimee with her dance partner. I asked Ryan what he thought Aimee was going to be, a "boy" or a "girl," while he wasn't sure, I knew she would make for a really cute "boy." And I was right!!!
Kailyn asked about Aimee all night, every time she saw any dutch dancers. So when we finally found her, she walked right up to her for a hesitant hug! Too cute, she really loves Aimee!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for Ice Cream!

Sunday night we took the kids to Captain Sundae for a special treat! We all love ice cream and it truly is a treat when we all get to go and enjoy some family time. We decided to drive instead of walk because it looked like it might rain. Sure enough, we were about done when it started to rain. So we ran to the car and the kids finished their cones on the way home:)
He thinks he's big stuff with his own cone! We just ask them to put a dallop on the top and he doesn't know the difference!All three of my ice cream lovers licking away:)

Showers of love for Aunt Libby

On Sunday afternoon, Kailyn and I were able to attend a wedding shower for Auntie Libby! We had such a great time and this was Kailyn's first "shower" and she literally thought we were going to take a shower, so Ryan explained to her that is was a big party to honor Aunt Libby. Kailyn didn't quite understand why she couldn't be at Libby's side but was a very big girl and helped play the games and loved the food and little treats that we got to take home:)Kailyn and Aunt Libby when we took a break for cake before opening her gifts!
Once Kailyn was told that she could stay by Aunt Libby and didn't have to stay in her chair anymore, she was all about it!
This was the gift that Kailyn and I picked to give at the shower and Kailyn was very proud of it!
It only took about 5 minutes for Kailyn to fall asleep on the way home, she didn't even suck her thumb or ask for "bear." For those who know her, you know those two go hand-in-hand when my little princess is tired! Anyway, we had a great time and got to know Chad's mom and sister better and are really looking forward to the wedding and our "planting party" in a few weeks. We love you Auntie Libby!!!!!!

The Cool Pizza Eater!

This is Kailyn Friday night at dinner! We ate on the deck and daddy brought home a pizza. Do you think this piece is big enough? It's her third one:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time with Grandpa!

Last night we went to deliver bark to Ryan's mom and dad. The minute we drove up Will saw grandpa's tractor and was quite upset when we told him that we needed to go inside and eat dinner before they could play outside:( Anyway, while Ryan and his dad unloaded the bark the kids played outside and can you guess what their favorite "toy" was? Too cute!After they unloaded the bark Ryan helped edge the beds and get them ready! His dad has had some problems with his knee and limps everywhere these days. So afterwards they needed to pick up the clumps. So dad, in true grandpa fashion, took Will and then Kailyn with him on the tractor while Ryan put the clumps in the trailer:) They both loved the ride and grandpa:)
Will was named after this grandpa! He is loving the fact that he was able to steer!
Kailyn was a little more reserved but still had a great time when it was her turn:)

Earth Day!

On Wednesday, I took some time with the kids to talk about Earth Day! We talked about how we need to take care of the earth and how! As a family we are going to paint and start some recycling bins that the kids can get involved in! We did a few crafts and colored a coloring page. We also read in Genesis 1 where God talks about creating us (human beings) to rule over and be responsible for the earth. We also sang "He's got the whole world in His hands" and made Jello dirt cups to bring to gma and gpa's for dessert! The kids had a great time smashing all the oreos with wooden spoons:)The kids made earths by painting their hands green and making prints on a blue piece of construction paper.
We had a great Earth day and I kept it simple so that I could build on it next year! Thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful Earth and help us to take the job you charged us with in the beginning of time seriously!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prom '09

My "little" brother, Josh, had his junior prom on Friday night! He looked so handsome in his suit and vest. The last time I remember seeing him in a suit was for my wedding, and he was 9!! I know he has worn one since then, but that's the last mental picture that I have engraved in my mind. Anyway, he attended Unity's prom Friday night with Aimee (his "girlfriend") and then went to Zeeland's prom on Saturday night with her:) It sounds like they had a great time and I know we did taking pics and getting to know Aimee's family!We arrived shortly before Uncle Josh went to pick up Aimee, so we grabbed a few shots of him with the kids!
My handsome baby brother after he was "pinned" with his corsage:)
The beautiful couple! Don't they look great together:)Josh and Aimee with the kids! I know my kids already like her and they've only met her a couple of times - she is such a sweetheart!This is a different dress and suit coat for Saturday night's prom! This time Aimee put the flowers on Josh:) Way to go Aimee!!!!

Supper Outside

This past week the kids and I put together our new table! Kailyn could hardly wait to eat outside:) We have used it every night and even for lunch some days since we have put it together! What a great investment!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Waiting Around

While Will was waiting for me to get out the stuff to wash the car, his hands found his pockets and he just stood there and waited for me to get out the hose. I love the froggy boots:) He looks like such a little stud-muffin!!!!

Tender Moments

The other night while we were all working outside, I turned around to find my children embracing!!! I quickly grabbed my camera (which luck for me was sitting right inside the garage) and was treated to a brotherly kiss:)
It wasn't our plan to have our children so close in age, but God sure knew what He was doing by surprising us with our little man!! Thank you Lord!

Copy Cat

These are some pics of Will copying what daddy does while working outside. The other day he just set off with the wheelbarrow and shovel and started digging in the landscape:) Kailyn and him have been helping daddy edge the beds and do some re-landscaping around the house! Will, you are just too precious!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Amazing Little Man!

This morning Will woke up crying around 2:30! We know that he had a big day with the aquatic center and drank a bit of chlorine, so he had not taken a very good afternoon nap either. Anyway, now that he has a big boy bed in his room, I just take my pillow and take him out of his crib and we lay in his bed until he falls back to sleep. This has only happened maybe 3 times since we put his bed in there. Once he is asleep, I just leave him to sleep in his big boy bed until morning and he does great!!! Well, this morning, the garbage truck came at 7 to empty the dumpter in the parking lot behind the house and soon after both kids were up. But instead of just yelling "mommy," I heard a weird noise and presumed it to be Will. I was right, there he stood opening his door and quietly saying "mommy" more like a question. Then Kailyn came out of her room and we had a few minutes to lay in bed as a family and wake up, even daddy hadn't gotten up yet! When we got up I walked into Will's room to shut off his heater, but he had already done it!!!! He had also opened his closet door on one side (as if he were looking for me in there):) We love watching you grow Will and we love both of you with all our hearts!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter Princess!

Kailyn was the perfect picture of a princess this morning as we got her ready for Easter!!! She sat still while I curled her hair and was super excited to wear her "wedding" shoes. (They are the ones she is going to wear in June for Uncle Chad and Aunt Libby's wedding.) I just had to grab a few pics of her all dressed up and ready to celebrate that "Jesus is ALIVE!!" I tried to get some of the two kids together but we not only ran out of time, but Will wasn't dressed yet:)

Jelly Bean Hunt

Yesterday, while the kids napped, I went downstairs and hid at least 30 jelly beans for them to find later on their "jelly bean hunt." Kailyn knew that I planned on doing this, but after a nap had completely forgotten:) We were at Wendy's when I reminded her that we needed to go home because I had a surprise waiting for her and Will. She asked what it was, but we told her it wouldn't be a surprise if we told her! Anyway, we got home and I handed them each a baggy with their names on it that I had decorated with Easter stickers and they headed down the stairs.Kailyn saw one right away and knew exactly how to "look" for jelly beans! Will, on the other hand, needed a lot of guidance! They both had fun and were excited each and every time they found one! At one point we even needed to tell Kailyn to slow down so that Will could find some too!
While Kailyn was content to put all her jelly beans in her bag, Will wasn't so sure and started to eat them as he found them!!
The kids, showing of their treasures, for daddy!!! What a blast!! Next year will be even more fun when Will can really find his own:)

Beach Bums....

Last night we decided to take the kids to the beach and let them play in the sand and climb all the sand dunes that they haven't flattened out yet! (Daddy has been healing in some plants in their sandbox, so they haven't been able to play in the sand!) Anyway, we had driven out to the beach last week and they were already collecting admission! So I just went ahead and purchased our sticker for the year because I figured we could get even more use out of it!!! We went to the beach knowing that it would be chilly, but not sure how windy. It turned out to be really cold and windy, but after a few minutes it really didn't seem to bother the kids and they preceded to play in the sand and on the swings for about 45 minutes:) Kailyn had even asked before we left if she got to wear her swimsuit to go swimming:)A precious picture of father and daughter!
Just having fun in the sand and really happy about it:)
This is the easiest way to push both the kids at once and they love to swing back-to-back! The sand had blown away from this area and the swing was as tall as me!After the beach we went, sand and all, to Wendy's for dinner! It's a family favorite and the kids love to eat in the resturant, so we made it a family date:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Froggy Boots!

Last night the kids wanted to help me wash the car. So we grabbed our froggy boots and got to work. The kids looked so cute in their matching frog boots, I could hardly stand it! They had such a blast playing in the puddles and then the mud! They even had fun playing in the sudsy water after I was done washing the car. They were soaked and having a great time playing together. This is one of those times that as a mother I store them away in my heart:)Too cute!!!! He is wearing Kailyn's old ones and she is wearing ones that are two sizes too big!
They were only this clean for approximately 2 minutes:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Three Crosses

For the last week, week and a half, we have been counting down to Easter Sunday. Each day we read a story about Jesus' days leading up to Easter and the kids get to open an Easter egg filled with a treat! We have also been doing crafts to go along with the stories. One day we made crosses out of popsicle sticks, another we decorated a paper Easter egg and so on. Today we fingerpainted over some tape in the shape of crosses. The whole idea is that when the paint dries, you peel off the tape and you will have a beautiful picture of the cross! The kids had a riot getting super messy and Will even squealed in delight as he got his hands full of paint:)
Getting started! Look at these hands! What a mess!The kids got an early Easter surprise - Dora's Egg Hunt movie!

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is Roxie, a 9 week old boston terrier, who belongs to my cousin Leslie and her husband Zac. My aunt and uncle are dog-sitting while they vacation for spring break! They stopped by our house on Saturday night, during the basketball game, to visit and get some things from my parents who were over for dinner. They surprised us by walking in with little Roxie. Kailyn usually is scared to death of dogs (which makes no sense because we had a dog until she was 16months old), but Roxie is just her size and she and Will had a blast petting her and getting licked. Kailyn and Will just looking at Roxie and laughing anytime she moved!
Playing with Roxie and her chewie!Before they left, Kailyn asked to hold Roxie, which really surprised us! She really loves Roxie and we hope that this is the first step is curing her from her fear of dogs.