Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jelly Bean Hunt

Yesterday, while the kids napped, I went downstairs and hid at least 30 jelly beans for them to find later on their "jelly bean hunt." Kailyn knew that I planned on doing this, but after a nap had completely forgotten:) We were at Wendy's when I reminded her that we needed to go home because I had a surprise waiting for her and Will. She asked what it was, but we told her it wouldn't be a surprise if we told her! Anyway, we got home and I handed them each a baggy with their names on it that I had decorated with Easter stickers and they headed down the stairs.Kailyn saw one right away and knew exactly how to "look" for jelly beans! Will, on the other hand, needed a lot of guidance! They both had fun and were excited each and every time they found one! At one point we even needed to tell Kailyn to slow down so that Will could find some too!
While Kailyn was content to put all her jelly beans in her bag, Will wasn't so sure and started to eat them as he found them!!
The kids, showing of their treasures, for daddy!!! What a blast!! Next year will be even more fun when Will can really find his own:)

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