Monday, April 6, 2009


This is Roxie, a 9 week old boston terrier, who belongs to my cousin Leslie and her husband Zac. My aunt and uncle are dog-sitting while they vacation for spring break! They stopped by our house on Saturday night, during the basketball game, to visit and get some things from my parents who were over for dinner. They surprised us by walking in with little Roxie. Kailyn usually is scared to death of dogs (which makes no sense because we had a dog until she was 16months old), but Roxie is just her size and she and Will had a blast petting her and getting licked. Kailyn and Will just looking at Roxie and laughing anytime she moved!
Playing with Roxie and her chewie!Before they left, Kailyn asked to hold Roxie, which really surprised us! She really loves Roxie and we hope that this is the first step is curing her from her fear of dogs.

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