Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Official!!!!

Tulip Time has official begun for our family!! Last night we went downtown to do some shopping, to check out the tulips and to watch the dutch dancers. But not just any dutch dancers, we got to watch Aimee, Josh's girlfriend, dance with friends from school! They did an awesome job and they have Kailyn talking about it! We are just getting warmed up, the next week/week and a half will be full of activities and more dutch dancing:) After watching Aimee dance, we even started the festivities off with a special treat - an elephant ear!!!! I don't think Ryan or I really got to eat much of it, but the kids sure loved it!!!!Waiting for the dancers to line-up and start dancing!
Aimee with her dance partner. I asked Ryan what he thought Aimee was going to be, a "boy" or a "girl," while he wasn't sure, I knew she would make for a really cute "boy." And I was right!!!
Kailyn asked about Aimee all night, every time she saw any dutch dancers. So when we finally found her, she walked right up to her for a hesitant hug! Too cute, she really loves Aimee!

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