Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trees, Glorious Trees!

Last night Ryan took us to see the trees that will be the first to be planted at Olive Hills Tree Farm! Ryan and our friend, Aaron and his dad (the $ behind the project) are starting a tree farm this spring! So, we went to see the first 280 trees that were delivered about a week ago. There are about 11 varieties right now, with a lot of various Maples, and many others yet to come! We are so excited to hear Ryan talk about all the plans and work that needs to be done, we know this is something that he is very knowledgable about and enjoys tremendously. So the kids and I are very supportive and can't wait to come and help plant a few:)Ryan was a little concerned about how tight the buds were staying while they wait to get the field ready! The rain certainly hasn't helped and we're praying for a reprieve!
They just keep going and going..... They were shipped in bundles of 5 trees, with 280 total, that's 56 total bundles of trees!!!!

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