Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dora Adventure!

Today we were able to attend Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday party! It was a Dora and Diego themed adventure and as always Lindsey blew it out of the water! Almost every toy, book and games were centered around Dora or Diego. We had a great time seeing some old friends and the kids especially loved the Dora outdoor adventure that Lindsey put together!Kaitlyn and her Diego and Dora cake!
My little ones using the blowers to celebrate!
Lindsey put together a little show to get the kids started on their adventure. They needed to help Diego find the keys to the Animal Rescue Center - she even had all the music and everything:) Before heading outside each kid got a backpack with various items they would need on their adventure.My little explorer ready to start the adventure!After they jumped on the rocks over Snake River - the kids needed to look in their backpacks to find something that would wake up the sleeping monkey that was in their path! Inside the packs they found whistles, so that's what Sydney and Kailyn are doing in this picture.My little star catchers, catching stars just like Dora and Boots!In the mucky muck the kids found keys that they needed to fish out with a fishing pole. Hopefully they could find the one that opened the rescue center for Diego! Of course the birthday girl had the privilege of having that one. Once the key was fit perfectly in the lock, the garage door opened and the kids got to do a pinata of Dora! We took home a lot of candy!
Just like on the show, the kids needed to look out for Swiper the fox, who's always trying to swipe our stuff! Jeff's brother posed as Swiper and Kailyn wanted to have her picture taken with him:) Thanks Lindsey, Jeff and Kaitlyn for an awesome morning and Happy 3rd Birthday Kaitlyn!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for coming. And thanks for posting all about the party. I am so behind on blogging I'm just gonna refer my mom to your site until I get caught up and can post on our site! Great pictures! I'm so glad that you had fun!

  2. Kelly- I just decided to take a study break tonight and check out your blog - it is INCREDIBLE. :) It makes me so happy to see your family growing in God's grace together. The kids are beautiful! It makes me really miss seeing family and I can't wait until Friday when I am finished with my sophmore year at Spring Arbor! Have a wonderful week! - and thanks for encouraging me with your blog :D