Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Apple Picking Time!

This morning we took the kids to Crane Orchards to pick apples! We have been talking and learning about apples for a couple of weeks now at home and this was an excellent family field trip to end with!! During the past few weeks the kids have done apple prints, apple experiments and various apple crafts! We learned that apples are red, yellow or green or any mix of those three colors, that there are lots of different kinds and that they grow on trees (where the apple blossom was in the spring).Riding in the wagon to our first stop....Honey Crisp!Most of the trees were dwarfs, but for some reason Will got really shy when we started to pick, so we picked some of the apples higher up together.Kailyn went right to work picking apples! We had to remind her to make sure it had no holes or spots on it before she picked it:)The Honey Crisp were huge and in this picture they have found one that had to be almost a pound!!!
Moving on to pick some Galas!
Too precious...I think this one needs to be framed for sure!Riding some more to find the Blondies!
We found them, but the good ones were way up Ryan picked up the kids and let each one pick one from up high!
Our bounty (mostly Honey Crisp)!
The kids couldn't wait to eat an apple, so on the way home they both munched on one!! You'll have to excuse the bottomless children, but their jeans, shoes and socks were soaked and filthy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Threeschool Here We Come!

Kailyn had her first day of Threeschool today!!! So of course Mommy needed to get the before school shots!!:) For the first time I am not the teacher and had to reverse roles....I have to say it was nice! Anyway, Kailyn enjoyed it and is looking forward to next week when she will go without me!
Sporting the backpack!
By the car!
By the preschool door at school! So nice of them to plant a nice group of flowers for photo happy moms such as myself!
Kailyn found her locker and was excited to put her bag inside! She is getting really good at recognizing her name:)
Proud mommy!
Kailyn's favorite part was dress-up!! Anytime they were allowed to play she headed straight to the Cinderella dress.....she even asked about it this morning while we were getting ready:)
The kids getting ready to read the story "I Love School."

Kailyn's is the cement roller. She spent at least 20 minutes decorating it and giving it the "Kailyn sparkle."
Kailyn with her teacher Mrs. Brouwer!
When we got home, Aimee and Will were waiting at the door. Will walked up to Kailyn and gave her a HUGE hug!!! So sweet.....I think he missed his big sister (even though he had a great playmate while we were gone!) We headed to Mc D's for lunch to celebrate this special morning!!! Thanks Aimee for taking care of Will so that I could be involved in Kailyn's day!!

Bos Summer Bash...take 2!

On Labor Day we celebrated the second annual Bos Summer Bash! This is just a time for our large extended family to get together and celebrate another year! The guest of honor is my grandma (the one in the green shirt sitting on her "cadillac" (walker)). Anyway, it's always a good time with great company and awesome food!
Everyone brings their own lawnchairs to sit in and we spread out on grandma's lawn!
Everyone brings meat to grill and a dish to pass.....yum!
My uncle drawing with sidewalk chalk with some of the kids!
My grandma putting lipstick on Brook.....for some reason she is holding her nose:)


Our Friday nights this fall have been full of high school football!! The kids get dressed in their Uncle Josh #83 shirts that my mom had printed and we head off to the tailgating before the games. Will absolutely loves sitting and watching the game, and especially Uncle Josh, at least until part of the way through the fourth quarter when he usually gets a little restless. The first home game my Aunt Kim and Austin joined us!!!
Daddy and Kailyn waiting for the game to start!
My "little" brother is they are standing for the national anthem.
The kids after the game with Uncle Josh!!! Way to go #83!!!!!!!!!
The final score...GO UC!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boat Ride!

Here you can see to the bottom of the channel....not typical of a Michigan lake!
Kailyn loved doing this throughout the ride....I don't know where she picked it up, but it was hilarious!
Tonight we were able to take a boat ride with the Speelman's!!! We have been trying to do this for the last year and a half and with this summer the way it was it just never happened....until tonight. We started out by going down the channel and just driving around on the big lake. The water was so clear in the channel that you could see to the bottom. Grandpa Bob was great at trying to find waves for Kailyn, who loved hitting waves and putting her arms in the air as if she were on a rollercoaster. This was especially hard becuase the water was perfectly calm, with no waves. We enjoyed dinner on the boat in great company and Kailyn ate a whole BBQ! (She seriously has something with eating and boats!) What a great way to spend an evening!

Water Fountain Fun!

On Wednesday we went downtown for a playdate. We started at the park and then headed to the Farmer's Market for some peppers and sweet corn. Our playdate was short-lived as the bees were all over the place and Kennedy was terrified. So the kids and I proceded with the plans that we had and that was to visit the water fountains downtown. We changed into bathing suits in the car and headed to the fountains. It took them a few minutes to take it all in and then they had a riot! They even made a new friend (who made it into some of the pictures). What a great idea and a fun feature for a hot day!

I think this one suprised Will!

Nap Free!!!

This week I took the liberty of letting the kids go with no naps for two days!! I did this in an attempt to see what they would be like when we take our family vacation in a few weeks. The first day I made the mistake of turning on the television for a few minutes.....and this is what happened! They both just klonked out:) The next day I didn't make the same mistake! I think that I was just as exhaused as they were. One plus side to no naps was super early bedtime!