Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Apple Picking Time!

This morning we took the kids to Crane Orchards to pick apples! We have been talking and learning about apples for a couple of weeks now at home and this was an excellent family field trip to end with!! During the past few weeks the kids have done apple prints, apple experiments and various apple crafts! We learned that apples are red, yellow or green or any mix of those three colors, that there are lots of different kinds and that they grow on trees (where the apple blossom was in the spring).Riding in the wagon to our first stop....Honey Crisp!Most of the trees were dwarfs, but for some reason Will got really shy when we started to pick, so we picked some of the apples higher up together.Kailyn went right to work picking apples! We had to remind her to make sure it had no holes or spots on it before she picked it:)The Honey Crisp were huge and in this picture they have found one that had to be almost a pound!!!
Moving on to pick some Galas!
Too precious...I think this one needs to be framed for sure!Riding some more to find the Blondies!
We found them, but the good ones were way up Ryan picked up the kids and let each one pick one from up high!
Our bounty (mostly Honey Crisp)!
The kids couldn't wait to eat an apple, so on the way home they both munched on one!! You'll have to excuse the bottomless children, but their jeans, shoes and socks were soaked and filthy!

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