Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chicago Weekend, Day 1 - Brookfield Zoo

The last weekend of September, we took the kids to Chicago to visit the zoo and to see some sights, but mainly to just get away!!! Our first stop was Brookfield Zoo and their special exhibit called "Dinos Alive!" We spent most of the week reading dino books and doing dino crafts and talking about all the different dinos that used to live......Will and Kailyn were both very excited to see "real, big" dinos! The drive down was great and we made it in great time!! The kids were ready to get out of the car by the time we got there, so we visited the bathrooms and let them walk around a bit before going to see the huge dino by the fountain! After seeing and hearing him, we headed to the dino exhibit and saw all kinds of was really cool, however....Kailyn was petrified and cried the whole time:( Will on the other hand thought it was great and really liked the T-Rex! He even picked out a stuffed dino and his name is "Rexxy!" Checking out the big dino by the was HUGE!
One of the many times the kids were out of the stroller (which was their favorite parts)!
Eating our yummy lunch that we packed....the bees weren't too bad so we were very thankful for that!!!!
My little fishes!!!
This one is a little blurry but I love their silhouettes against the water!!!! They loved the penguins!They would follow your hands if you moved them in front of the glass:)
Visiting the goats...unfortunately they had just started their lunch and weren't into being pet:(Getting tired......
Kailyn discovered the face painting at the Hamill Family Play Zoo and had to do it herself!
We then proceeded to dress up like a cheetah and posed for daddy!!

In the greenhouse misting the plants.....water + kids= fun!
Kailyn dressed up again....this time as a zoo keeper!!
Not even 5 minutes in the car......he was out!!!!

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