Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving:)

Yesterday we decided to carve the kids' pumpkins!!! They each chose a template, we printed them and then we went to work cleaning out the pumpkins. Go figure that I grabbed this shot of us getting on aprons and stuff and then the camera battery went dead:( Anyway, we had a great time and a few challenges.....Ryan had to get creative just to cut into Will's (not sure if it was all the bumps or what, but the skin of his was super tough). He ended up using his drywall cutting tool!!! Kailyn loved messing with all the insides and didn't mind the messy hands....Will on the other hand had to warm up to the idea and only did it because he was being encouraged by his sister:)Our finished pumpkins.....You can totally tell that they are both saying "cheese" in this one...but they loved their pumpkins, especially in the dark:)

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