Friday, October 23, 2009

I never want to forget.....

These are a few stories that I don't ever want to forget........

We are on vacation in Chicago this fall and one of our favorite things to do as a family was go down to the pool and swim. Our kids are water rats.....particularly Kailyn. So one morning we are getting out and drying off to get ready for our day at the Children's Museum and Kailyn and Will notice the hot tub. Kailyn asks what it is and we explain to them both that it is a special little pool, but that it has hot water in it. Kailyn is satisfied with that answer, but Will looks at us and says "blow on it!" How simple and precious!!!! We will never forget it and the hot tub quickly became our favorite spot to sit after enjoying the pool!

I'm sad to say that I forgot the other story that I wanted to put here.....but when I remember it I will update this post!

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