Sunday, October 11, 2009


The kids and I headed to the Farmer's Market this past week to pick out pumpkins!!!!! They were so excited that we hurried through breakfast so that we could go:) We knew that we needed one big pumpkin for carving and a few smaller ones for crafts/decorating. It was a nice cold morning, which put us all in the mood:) Kailyn had no problem walking up to a nice smooth big pumpkin and saying that was the one she wanted. On the other hand, Will took forever and had to touch almost every pumpkin there!!! He ended up choosing one with bumps on it...which makes it super unique and fun.We had a blast decorating the smaller pumpkins and putting faces on them. The hair was a trip and Kailyn had to have a ribbon in her "girls" hair!
We have lots more fun pumpkin crafts to come......

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