Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sports fanatic!

My little sports fanatic!!! He loves anything that involves playing with a ball!! So....that's baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, etc. In this picture he was watching the Backyardigans, "Soccer Monster" episode and Kailyn had helped him get all his balls together! Such a sweet sister! At least this time he didn't raid his closet looking for his soccer shirt:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My silly little man!

Will has been really into playing with Mr. Potato Head the last few days and last night I looked up and found him like this! He looked at me and said "glasses" and I bust out laughing!!! What a cool little kid you are Will!!!

The Fourth!

For the Fourth of July I made the famous flag cake with blueberries and strawberries! You can see exactly where the kids helped put on some berries:) We also worked on our deck and were able to go to Ryan's parents to swim and eat in the evening! Kailyn and Will in their Fourth of July shirts that I made out of the Family Fun Magazine!

Street Performers!

Last Thursday night, the kids and I headed downtown to check out the street performer series held every week. What we found was a ton of fun and lots of things to do, see and hear. We began the night by getting a pizza and having a picnic at Hope and then we went to see what we could find. We started off watching a magic show, but the kids grew bored with it quickly so we headed across the street. There we found a belly dancer who had not acquired a large crowd yet. She danced a bit and then asked Kailyn if she wanted to try! Off course Kailyn wanted to dance! So she put a scarf with trinkets on it around Kailyn's waist so she made noise when she shook her booty:) What a riot!!! The crowd really grew after that and everyone enjoyed watching them both.Kailyn shaking her booty!Here the kids are watching some middle-schoolers play violins and keyboard.After some walking around we found the balloon artist and the kids got excited. Kailyn decided to get a flower bracelet and Will wanted a hat! How adorable! We got lots of comments about the hat as we walked through the rest of the performers:)Overall we had a great first-time experience and will definitely go back later this summer!