Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of School!

The kids started preschool today!!! They were so excited and posed really well for their first day shots:) The kids hanging their backpacks on their hooks!Putting their personal items in their drawers......
Some pictures of our classroom!The kids working on the letter a and pre-writing skills!The theme this week is apples, so we had to taste one of each color and decide which one we liked best. We also used the seeds in a counting activity and the other half of the apple for apple prints!
Things went fairly well today and I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes! Great job Kailyn and Will....I love you!

New School Year's Eve

The night before the kids official first day of homeschool preschool, we gave each of them their backpacks! Kailyn used the same one she used last year, but Will had yet to have one so he was really excited. The backpacks were filled with school goodies and some candy.....needless to say they were both pretty excited! This also set the tone for getting a few things set out the night before, like our first day of school outfit and our personalized buckets filled with pencils, glue sticks and other neccesities!So excited to start school!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Monday we took the kids to pick apples at Cranes!! This has fast become a family tradition and a very special morning of family bonding. This year all the apples are ready to pick earlier than normal, so once the honey crisp's were ready, we picked our date:) We ended up picking 88 pounds of honey crisp apples! The apples were so big that you really had to pull them off the Will is doing his best!Kailyn's in there somewhere:)Taste testing to make sure we were getting a good crop.We ended up picking the most beautiful day of the week by far.....Thank you Lord for such amazing family memories and moments to treasure.....I am BLESSED!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Park Fun!!!!

This week with everyone else headed back to school, we headed to one of the many local parks to have a morning of outdoor fun and sunshine! I also attempted to get that perfect shot of my two munchkins together.....even though that didn't happen, I did capture just a glimpse of my peanuts doing their best:)The only picture that I caught them both smiling!
My little monkeys hanging around!
We packed a yummy picnic lunch and enjoyed it in the sunshine!
Will was fascinated with the statues of the immigrants:)We also enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and running after seagulls:) All in all, a perfect day for a day at the park!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kinderballet 2010

This year Kailyn is taking Kinderballet at Avalon! Needless to say she was so excited for her first day and couldn't wait to get dressed in all her ballet gear:) The beautiful butterfly with her wings trying to help Miss Marie set up the enchanted garden!
My little ham noticed I had the camera out and started to pose for me with different ballet poses....too funny! I think we are in for another great tumbling this year, just dancing so we'll see how it goes:)

Cuddle Time!!!!

One of those precious, rare moments that I acutally captured on camera!


My adorable princess hamming it up for the camera!!!! Need I say more.......