Thursday, August 18, 2011

Got Sneakers?

My kids are obsessed with their sneakers for this fall!!!!  They have been wearing them around the house for a few days now....they just can't wait for fall to wear them:)


Last week the kids and I decided to head to Mt. Pisgah to explore the dunes!  I tried to explain to the kids that there were a lot of steps that we needed to go up, but nothing prepared us for the 256 stairs to the top!! But so worth it for the view and the breeze:)
The kids by the map and information about Mt. Pisgah before we headed out.
The view......
The kids loved exploring the trails on the dunes the best....there was lots to look at, including where you were walking so you wouldn't trip!
Lots of fun trees for photo opportunities:)
This tree has got to be really old...we took this picture for daddy!
We packed a picnic and blanket in our backpack and finished with a picnic lunch in the shade on the much beauty right here in our own backyard!!!!  The kids and I decided that we need to bring daddy back with us in the fall when all the trees are pretty colors:)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My heart

My precious little artist painted this today!!!!  I helped her with the heart after her first one was not to her satisfaction and then she made a stain-glass effect inside the heart.  I'm so temped to frame this beautiful masterpiece and hang it proud of how much joy she takes in creating things so amazing...just like her!

So Blue!

Today we went for a second time to pick blueberries...and they were so blue and beautiful and yummy too!!!  Here are my little helpers getting ready to head to the bushes.
As usual Kailyn appears to be eating more than she is putting in her bucket:)  We have so much fun picking berries together and Kailyn and Will are typically really good pickers!!!  I'm going to be so sad when blueberries are done....but then there's always APPLES this fall!!!!!!!!

Two little fishes!

My little fishes started swimming lessons this week and boy, were they excited!!!!  Kailyn has just recently started swimming minus her swimmies and so got bumped up a few groups from where she was last year.....we're so proud of her! And Will is just so young yet that he gets to start at the beginning, which will be very good for him:)
Hanging with some new friends while they wait for class to start!
Kailyn practicing her stroke:)
Will just glad to be in the pool and swimming!
Back stroke practice
I'm so excited to see how much each of them grows in the next two's always so much fun to see them enjoying something and learning whether they realize it or not:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


July 31 was Will's 4th birthday!!!  I still cannot imagine how we've gotten this far and how he could possible be 4 already, but here we are!  This year we decided on a monster truck theme for our family party.....that meant lots of fun decorating for mom and dad.  Here is just a glimse into our lucky 4 year olds day:)
It was Kailyn's idea to get him Despicable proud of her for being original!
All his new cars...mostly corvettes and mustangs:)
Cousins eating dinner together=one crazy picture!
So HAPPY with his monster truck cake!
A two-wheel scooter.....the envy of his sister.
Ryan has been waiting years to buy our kids legos.....
We decided to try someting new this year....a pinata!  I got the pull-string type and Payton was actually the one (with Todd's help) to find the string that opened the trap door....the kids enjoyed picking up some candy and filling their party bags!  
Happy 4th Birthday William.....we love you so much!

More like it!

Our second attempt at using bleach to tie dye was much more least for Kailyn's shirt!