Saturday, August 6, 2011


July 31 was Will's 4th birthday!!!  I still cannot imagine how we've gotten this far and how he could possible be 4 already, but here we are!  This year we decided on a monster truck theme for our family party.....that meant lots of fun decorating for mom and dad.  Here is just a glimse into our lucky 4 year olds day:)
It was Kailyn's idea to get him Despicable proud of her for being original!
All his new cars...mostly corvettes and mustangs:)
Cousins eating dinner together=one crazy picture!
So HAPPY with his monster truck cake!
A two-wheel scooter.....the envy of his sister.
Ryan has been waiting years to buy our kids legos.....
We decided to try someting new this year....a pinata!  I got the pull-string type and Payton was actually the one (with Todd's help) to find the string that opened the trap door....the kids enjoyed picking up some candy and filling their party bags!  
Happy 4th Birthday William.....we love you so much!

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