Monday, May 21, 2012

Kid/Bike Wash

Our pinterest inspired kid/bike wash!  Ryan whipped this fun sprinkler up for the kids this weekend and they LOVED it!!
On such a hot day Tucker was drinking the run off from the sprinkler!  Such a handsome puppy....but not sure what I'm doing!


 The girls in Kailyn's ballet class.
 My precious ballerina!!
 Afterwards we were able to go to Wolfies for some grub with all our special grandmas!
 The cookies that came with the kids meals were seriously as big as their heads!!!!!!
 Playing with their pinwheels from grandma Stehouwer.
 All our special guests!!  Seeing as the show was at 10 a.m. on a Saturday that limited us to who was able to attend, but these amazing women came and made it special for Kailyn!
Look like me much?? LOVE this little girl sososososo much!!!!!


Chillin'.....the dog it getting away with something in this picture....he is SO not allowed on the couch!!!!!!

Stem Fest 2012

 This year, most of the tulips had already reached peak and Holland spun it to their advantage by calling it "stem fest!"  We still had a great week of watching dutch dancers (our favorite was Auntie Aimee) and extra time with cousins and friends, along with plenty of carni food :)
 The kids with their friends Jackson and Avery.....we chilled downtown with them one night during "stem fest" and watch dutch dancers!!!!

Celebration of Learning

Towards the end of April Kailyn was able to participate in a celebration of learning at her school.  Her class did some of the counting they had learned and sang a few songs.  Then we were able to go to her room and look at a sample of her writing (which we got to take home:).  So proud of all the things she has accomplished this year.....I stand amazed!!!!!!
Kailyn and her teacher, Miss O'Shea!
After visiting her room we were able to head outside for a snack and some games.  Kailyn had never played tug-of-war before and she LOVED it!