Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring break "Jobs"

For spring break we made a list of all the fun things we really want to do.  William keeps asking when it's going to be time to start our spring break "jobs!"  Hopefully we'll get to everything that the kids requested this year.....lots of fun memories to create!!!!

25 cents

Spring break is here and the kids kicked if off by having an impromptu sale:)  They filled a zillion cups with water and snuck a few bars, bowls, and napkins outside and sat on the side of the house (where no one could see them!)  Once I figured out what they were up to, Ryan and I headed outside with a quarter in hand to purchase a drink and a snack from our little entrepreneurs!  So precious!


Our crazy pooch continues to make us laugh with the positions we find him sleeping in!!!!  I know in this first one he was exhaused from a long walk, but I can't imagine either of these being very comfortable.  However, he always makes us smile!!
Seriously Tucker?????

Hello Sweetie!

After a particularly rough day with the kids, where I felt that I all I was doing was repeating myself and banging my head against the wall, Kailyn drew me this!!!!  Need I say more?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Another outstanding spring day here in Michigan! The morning started with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.  At over 80 degrees, there is no where better to be than the beach.   Then the kids, Tucker, and I headed to Tunnel park to play at the park and play in the sand!
The kids running down the dune!
Will face planted...and now I feel like a bad mom that I made him wait until I got a picture:)
Tuck loves to was nice and cool down in the sand!
Delighting in the amazing weather and the time spent together!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Beach Day

Just wanted to document this crazy beautiful weather!!!!!!


We had an AMAZING day today!!  I can't believe that on March 20, dressed in tank tops and shorts, we headed to Mt. Pisgah to hike the short trail and have a picnic.  Then we headed back to the car and switched into our swimsuits and slathered on sunscreen before heading down to the beach for some sand and water fun!  Welcome spring!!!!!!!
So happy to be at the beach!!!
Will's dive into the cold FREEZING water!
Kailyn's dive in!
The horizon was so gorgeous and mysterious......
Playing catch.
Working on his sandcastle.
Kailyn's creation that she named Alicia:)
Will's finished castle....he seriously worked on this for almost an hour and a half!
Kailyn wanted to be buried in the sand like a the smile!
Our first beach day was a success...hope this is an indication as to how the summer will go! Thank you Lord for the gift of such a fun day with my kiddos!

Down in History

I'm positive that we set all time high temperature records today!  I'm so amazed at how much my trees and flowers are blooming and growing like crazy!
My Amelancher out front.....tons of buds!!!  Hope it doesn't get cold too quick, I'd really like to enjoy the beauty of this tree.
My first daffodil.........
My tallest clump of day lilies......I can't believe how these suckers just popped out of the ground!

Water Trampoline!!!!!

I still cannot believe that these pictures and events actually occurred on March 19!!!!  My kids had a blast jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler under it!  I'm sure you won't be able to tell from the pictures how much fun they had:)
Tucker just chilling and probably wondering what in the world those kids were doing!
His new favorite spot to take a rest, especially when the kids are around!
What an absolutely gorgeous March afternoon.  These days certainly are a gift from above!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Father/Daughter Banquet 2012

Last night my dad brought my sister, future sister-in-law and I to the WCSG father/daughter banquet.  While this was only our first year there were several families that have been doing this for 18-22 years!!!!!  It was a fun night to get dressed up and spend time with my sisters and daddy!  We ate a fantastic meal (which, who am I kidding, I didn't have to make it so it would have been good no matter what), dessert and great conversation around our table. 
The entertainer/artist who performed for us was Chris August.  He was hilarious!!!  But on a serious note, he really loves Jesus and writes amazing songs!
Thanks for a fun experience dad!!!!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Silly Puppy!

The hilarious, and sometimes what I would think uncomfortable, sleeping positions of Tucker!  Funny that I have a shot from when Kailyn was a baby of her sticking her hand out of the cradle.  I didn't take the time to find it to post here......but just saying!

First day at the beach!

One of the highlights of living in Holland is the great beaches we have access to.  We headed to Tunnel park this week, seeing that they are dog friendly, and the kids and Tucker had a great time playing in the sand. 
A short walk/run up and down the beach!
And YES the kids did go in the water......they can't seem to stay out of it when it's available:)

Picnic on the deck!!!!