Friday, March 9, 2012


This year I went all out planning to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!!!  Unfortunately for me sickness struck our home and we only got to a few of the things I had planned.  Here is a look at all the books that we were able to get from the library or already owned.  I had planned to read ALL of them and I think we've only gotten to 4 or so. 
I was able to find several cute ideas on Pinterest and quickly found a few printouts that I knew my kids would enjoy.  The first one was a book about me!  The kids enjoyed filling out their information and I will enjoy keeping these for years to come!
We also got our cooking on and baked some cupcakes.  We found these fun cupcake picks to dress up our regular cupcakes and make them Seuss-tacular!!!!
We also watched the movie "Horton Hears A Who" and made our very own specks.   The kids really enjoyed role playing with their specks and quoting lines from the movie:)
Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!!!! Maybe next year we'll be able to use all the other awesome ideas that I gathered:)

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