Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We had an AMAZING day today!!  I can't believe that on March 20, dressed in tank tops and shorts, we headed to Mt. Pisgah to hike the short trail and have a picnic.  Then we headed back to the car and switched into our swimsuits and slathered on sunscreen before heading down to the beach for some sand and water fun!  Welcome spring!!!!!!!
So happy to be at the beach!!!
Will's dive into the cold FREEZING water!
Kailyn's dive in!
The horizon was so gorgeous and mysterious......
Playing catch.
Working on his sandcastle.
Kailyn's creation that she named Alicia:)
Will's finished castle....he seriously worked on this for almost an hour and a half!
Kailyn wanted to be buried in the sand like a mermaid.....love the smile!
Our first beach day was a success...hope this is an indication as to how the summer will go! Thank you Lord for the gift of such a fun day with my kiddos!

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