Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fields of strawberries

 Today we went berry picking!!! The kids did a great job looking for the ripe, red ones and were so excited when they found out my plan this morning:) 
All the berries, washed and ready to be eaten, made into jam or fresh strawberries pies!!!  Others were mashed for the fresh shortcake that will be dessert tonight!!!!

Summer fun activities

This year we took some time with the kids to make a list of some activities that they would LOVE to do this summer!  We decided to make a "bucket" list and as we complete each activity we will put the clothespin in the bucket!  We are so excited to get started and Friday is the day....can't wait!

Kailyn's Kindergarten Art Gallery

Some of Kailyn's artwork completed this year in kindergarten.....so great!


 Memorial Day weekend this year found us enjoying family time on the deck.  Sunday we were outside on the deck before 9 a.m. with a campfire, sparklers and pop-its!!!!  Love the way the house looks with fresh bark and flowers:)
 This year we added an American flag to the front of the house!
 Tuck was super curious about the sparklers! So cute!
Our new firepit!


 Here are a few new pictures of Tucker!!  He actually sat still long enough for me to get some excellent photos of him.   He loves to lay in these plants and chew on anything he gets his mouth on.  He is about 5 months and already weighs 52 pounds!!!


My years of homeschooling my kids for preschool came to an end a few weeks ago with the final day of Will's rockstar preschool.  We accomplished almost 90 days of school and he grew SO much over this year.....it was seriously one of the most rewarding things in my life!  Here he is with his diploma and a super proud smile:)  So proud of you Will, always continue to grow and learn to be who God wants you to be!!