Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Galore!

Hearts were the main attraction today at our house....we ate them for breakfast and lunch and even used them to create animals!!!!!Our traditional heart pancakes for breakfast!
My first valentine all decked out in pink and LOVE attire:)
The kids used candy hearts in math today as we practiced graphing and writing/counting....and of course eating when we were done:)Heart animals that the kids turned into valentines to give to daddy.
Puppy love.......funny right. This is another great idea grabbed from Family Fun. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Heart Pops

Today the kids and I made an attempt at these adorable heart pops from the Family Fun magazine. Kailyn and Will each got to decorate some for their friends that they take dance with (because I'm homeschooling them this year that is their "school"). Will even decided to eat his this morning and LOVED it!!! Now I'm wishing I had more mini-candycanes:)You bake the candycanes and then pinch them onto lollipop sticks.Then you fill the heart with melted chips and decorate with sprinkles (this is where the kids came in to help!)We also added a John 3:16 Valentine to each lollipop before wrapping it in a treat bag!The finished product....the kids are so excited to hand them out to their friends!!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Loads of Snow

The Blizzard of 2011 dumped upwards of 16 inches in the Holland area!!!!! Ryan called and told me to get the kids outside to play, even for a little while, because this was probably a once in a lifetime kind of snow! So we geared up to head outdoors and couldn't believe our eyes.....there was so much snow!!The snowpiles are huge.....and we are amazed at God's power and majesty!!!!

Crazy Kids:)

In January, I went searching through the kids' bins looking for swimwear so I would know what each of them needed for this summer. (I think booking our vacation to Wisconsin Dells got me thinking!) Anyway, I wanted Kailyn to try on a few suits that I had had in her bin for years....and they fit her beautifully. The only problem....I couldn't get her to take them off!!!! So of course Will also wanted to try on the suits that were in his bin.....and that's how another "beach" day got started!My crazy beach bums!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

My little ballerina dancing to her new jewlery music box (which has a dancing ballerina in it too)! She's sporting one of her leotards and her new slippers from Auntie your style Kailyn:)