Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dutch Village

Today we were able to go with the Meyerings to Dutch Village for a very fun, hot morning playdate! We have lived in Holland for over 3 years now and we had yet to visit this very fun destination. So, with the passes we had gotten from the summer reading program at the library,plus a free adult admission ticket from Katie, we headed to swing, slide, dance, ride and pump! The kids absolutely loved the swings, carousel and sitting on the horse and carriage. Kailyn, Will and Anne Hope tried their hands at dutch dancing after the dancers performed. They all did a great job and didn't seem to mind the heat too much.
We had the carousel all to ourselves each time we was awesome!
Can you tell how hot it was? Both girls showing off their dutch dancing stickers!!!
What a fun way to spend the morning....great friends and lots of fun! I'm sure I am going to be asked a couple of times a week when we are going back:) Thanks Meyerings

Fish lessons!

This week Kailyn started her first ever swimming lessons! She goes for 45 minutes everyday for two weeks.....and she's loving it and learning a ton! I am so proud of her as I watch her swim on her back or put her head under water. Here are a few pictures of my little fish in action!Today they got to use flippers, which Kailyn enjoyed a lot!A precious smile as she sees me sitting in the stands:)

Favorite Obsession!

Will's newest obsession is playing with tractors, dump trucks and loaders!!! He is partial to John Deere and loves to line up all his equipment in a row....usually right in the way or making it unable to enter a room! We love to watch your creativity as you pretend and play!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Years Old!

Will is going to turn 3 at the end of July!!!! I'm not sure where the time has gone, but whether I like it or not, my baby is growing up! Here is a look at some of the photos we had taken at Sears this morning:)
I can't seem to make them any bigger, but at least you can see how big and happy he is!

The Fourth!

We had a great time celebrating the fourth this year! Being that it fell on a Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday night. We had a campfire while we waited for it to get dark and then did sparklers and watched Uncle Josh do some fireworks that he brought along. Then we headed across the street by the bus garage to catch the fireworks from Kollen Park. We didn't get to see all of them, but the display was good and the kids didn't know the difference with this being their first year staying up for fireworks!Each of the kids only did one sparkler and then lost interest...oh well, now we have some for next year!
My parents came to watch the fireworks without the hassle of tons of people......Will wore the muffs most of the night because he and Kailyn were worried that the fireworks would be too loud:)
Camped out in the parking lot by the bus garage. We didn't get to see all of the fireworks, but we got to see most of them!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Fun!

This past week has been filled with all kinds of summer fun activities. From a campfire and catching fireflies to lots of hours spent at the beach, a visit to Aunt Kim's pool with the aunts and even a dip in our little whale pool. This week was filled with many outdoor play times and playdates.....we are living it up this summer!Kailyn and Will LOVE roasting marshmallows over the campfire. They both have to choose the perfect stick and then try to keep it off the flames. Kailyn will only roast, but can't stand to eat the sweet gooey treat!Both kids are complete water rats!!! Kailyn loves the lake or a pool and Will prefers the warmth of the pool, but they both LOVE to swim:) What a fun week we have had....Thank you Lord!