Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun with "p"!

Today has been full of "p"'s!!! This morning we visited Cherry Lane Preschool. For lunch we had pizza rolls, potatoes and peanut butter and jelly! We chilled out in out pajamas this afternoon and played. Tonight we listened to praise & worship music while we spent time with our Zoo friend Peewee Penguin. We learned a penguin song, colored a page full of things that started with "p", I took pictures and we made a penguin out of the letter p (thanks ABCand123)! We also spent some time doing puzzles:) Later this week we will be putting pennies on a p, playing in packing peanuts and being a princess, along with some polar bear fun!Waddling like a penguin and making PeeWee's sound "ppp".
Coloring our pictures of things that start with p!Showing off our adorable penguin p's! We later added an iceberg and glued them to blue construction paper:)
I am having a blast planning these fun letter activities....Kailyn is getting more out of it at this point than Will, but I'm amazed at how much he really takes in, he's just a little sponge!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Barbie Princess Party!

To celebrate Kailyn's 4th birthday we threw a Barbie Princess party for 4 of Kailyn's friends! A ton of planning and time when into this occasion.....but I had a blast!Each of the girls came dressed in their favorite princess dress-up and brought along their Barbies too!After the girls had chosen a wand, been tattooed and decorated their tiaras with jewels, they went to 3 stations set up in the living room. The girls got their nails done, picked out lip gloss and put glitter on their eyes! This was all to get ready for our Barbie & Me fashion show that we put on for the moms:)The girls also decorated frames with Barbie stickers and more gems!Waiting at the top of the stairs for the fashion show! We also decked out our Barbies in new outfits for the occasion. As the girls came down the stairs I announced their names and the names of their Barbies! Then they got to walk down the runway and twirl or whatever they wanted to do. After they all had a turn they had their photo shoot with me:) The pictures went into their frames as a party favor!After the fashion show we played "Put the Tiara on Barbie!" What a blast!!!!!
The much anticipated Barbie cake!!! It was a pain to make....but it sure turned out cuter than I expected:)
After singing "Happy Birthday" we dug into the cake, along with M&M's, starbursts, Oreo cakes, carrots and cheese!All the princesses!! Aren't they adorable?!!!Our friends were very generous and creative with their gifts!!!! What a very special, blessed morning:)

Birthday Fun!

On Thursday morning, we started Kailyn's birthday celebration by opening a few gifts (Thanks Robinsons)! We then took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast before dropping Kailyn off to school.In the evening we celebrated with family and had a great time eating ice cream dessert and opening gifts:)
Here is Kailyn with all the very important people who came to celebrate with us!
Uncle Josh and AimeeThe grandma and grandpa with Uncle Josh (aka Kole)Great-grandma BosThe grandma and grandpa with the pool (aka Stehouwer)Our little familyThe traditional cake pictures!Happy Birthday Kailyn!

4 Years Old!

I can hardly believe it, but our little princess is 4!!! As of January 21, at 11:16 p.m., our amazing little girl is officially 4:) Here are a few of her pics that we had taken at Sears to document how much she is changing!Kailyn we are so proud of you and who God is making you to be! We love you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Star Helper!

Today was a special day for Kailyn in Threeschool!! We got to celebrate her birthday and be the star helpers:) Kailyn has been asking for a while now when I get to come with her to she was elated about that, but also to get to celebrate her birthday with her friends.Me and the almost birthday girl!
Our cake pops that we made for her special treat at snack time.
So excited to sit in the star helper chair....all the other kids were playing!
Mrs. Brouwer putting her birthday crown on....she was so excited for this part as other kids have had birthdays and she knew what was coming:)
Counting the days on the calendar, Kailyn got to hold the helping hand!Telling the class what we put on the weather bear!Eating snack with the kids at our table.Handing out her birthday treat to the class. Laffy Taffy is her favorite candy these days:) We had a great time learning about bears, Daniel in the Lion's Den and just playing! Thanks to Mrs. Brouwer and Mrs. Schrotenboer for all you do!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Traditions!

One of my favorite birthday traditions involves going to the mall! On the kids' second b-days we took them to build-a-bear to make a bear and get an each year since (for Kailyn) when we go on the other child's b-day the non-birthday child gets to pick something under $10! This year however, we had gotten a free animal coupon and Kailyn received a $5 gift certificate from build-a-bear workshops, so we decided to let her make another animal and put her gift certificate towards an outfit! Will also got to choose an outfit for his bear (the first since he made his) and he chose a sport ball PJ for Big D! Kailyn chose a puppy and named her Haley.....she picked out a skirt and little heart hoodie and some shoes (which she will be getting from grandma for her birthday)! What a great experience to see the difference and excitement from when Kailyn was only 2 till now! She is helping to put the stuffing in her bear...notice her foot on the pedal!
Then it was off to the carousel for the traditional birthday ride! The kids love riding carousels, but this is the only time we do it at the mall:)
Kailyn and her puppy, Haley. She waited until after lunch to get her out of her house and hold her....I was proud at how patient she was:)Will loved putting Big D on his can't really see his new jammies, but they're cool!
After a little shopping the kids and I took grandma to Olga's and had a wonderful lunch! The kids were awesome....I couldn't have asked for a better morning:) Thank you Lord for the blessing of four years with our precious daughter and for birthday traditions that bring us closer together!

Daddy's Shadow

My boys working to put up the railing in the basement! Such a precious sight to see father and son together working on a project:) I'm not sure Will knows that his doesn't work!Daddy couldn't have done it without your help buddy!