Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun with "p"!

Today has been full of "p"'s!!! This morning we visited Cherry Lane Preschool. For lunch we had pizza rolls, potatoes and peanut butter and jelly! We chilled out in out pajamas this afternoon and played. Tonight we listened to praise & worship music while we spent time with our Zoo friend Peewee Penguin. We learned a penguin song, colored a page full of things that started with "p", I took pictures and we made a penguin out of the letter p (thanks ABCand123)! We also spent some time doing puzzles:) Later this week we will be putting pennies on a p, playing in packing peanuts and being a princess, along with some polar bear fun!Waddling like a penguin and making PeeWee's sound "ppp".
Coloring our pictures of things that start with p!Showing off our adorable penguin p's! We later added an iceberg and glued them to blue construction paper:)
I am having a blast planning these fun letter activities....Kailyn is getting more out of it at this point than Will, but I'm amazed at how much he really takes in, he's just a little sponge!


  1. Your Penguins turned out really cute! Way to Put an activity into Practice!

  2. ...and thanks to your cool friend for hooking you up with the zoo honics materials!!!!!