Friday, January 1, 2010


This past June, during one of the big storms, our basement filled with water! It was pretty typical to get a little water, especially if the ground had already reached it's saturation level, but this time it was all the way into the playroom:( Here are just a few pictures of our most recent home improvement project! We are almost there, just a few finishing touches left to go!I had wanted to get rid of this ugly carpet since we purchased the house almost 3 years ago....I guess that's one way to get it done!
A work in progress.....Everything but the stairs are done....but we have been using the big beautiful room a ton. Thanks for all your hard work honey...even when you didn't feel like it or things weren't going to plan:)We were blessed to receive free couches from a family friend and have now filled the room with toys and a TV too! What an amazing transformation from what it was..........we have made it our home!
The kids love their chalkboard wall.... it has afforded many hours of entertainment!

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