Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009... fa la la la la, la la la la!

This year we tried to simplify our Christmas and focus on the true meaning of Christ's birth! The kids each received 3 gifts, just like the Wisemen had presented to baby Jesus....we continued that new tradition through all our family parties throughout the day and the kids still received a bunch of gifts! Here are just a few glimpses into the memories created this year as we celebrated the birth of that miraculous baby.The kids posing with the toy that they received from Ryan and I....of the three gifts I believe this one was their favorite. My friend had given me the idea of doing the three gifts and each one had a purpose. One was for their mind, another for their body and the last was something for them.
Our future football player!
Grandma and Will!Can you see her jaw dropped open? She has been waiting for a swimming baby since her friend Kennedy had one once at a play date at the aquatic center! And it sure was worth the wait as we were headed to a hotel the next day and did lots of swimming:)
Will's most anticipated gift.....he has wanted a loader since the first day we dropped Kailyn off at Threeschool and he saw one on the shelf. Everyday since then he had asked for a loader....well buddy, enjoy!
This year we had baskets made for our parents with their last names on them. We then filled them with things that made us think of them. The kids even made them an ornament!
One of the best gifts I have ever received!!! ( I couldn't get Will to keep one on his head!)Both the kids received guitars from gma and gpa Stehouwer....we have been serenaded on a regular basis since:) Of course Will wanted to put on his boots right then and there! All in all, we had a busy day, but a good day, filled with family and good food. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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