Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Team!

Kailyn was able to attend Holland Christian's cheer camp this past Saturday morning!!!  And better yet, she got Alexis (my cousin) to be her "coach."  They spent the morning tumbling, learning cheers and a dance that they will be performing this Friday night at the football game!  Keep posted for more pictures of that night.  So proud of my little princess!


 As part of our 4's school theme on dinosaurs we put together these fun skeletons!!  Kailyn was even able to join in with us one night:)


The last week or so we have had such beautiful fall weather!!  One of our favorite outdoor activities has been jumping in leaves....on the tramp!  The leaves also make a really fun noise when you jump.....lots of entertainment.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ready or not

Really hard to believe that my little man is ready for 4 school, but it's true (and probably a little kindergarten stuff thrown in too)!!  He was so ready for his first day of school!  I think he wore his backpack around the house for 20 minutes before we headed down to the classroom:) 
Hanging up his backpack on his hook.
Exploring dinosaurs through books!
Our daily message.  This is something I've added in this year to challenge both Kailyn and Will. Today we found our letter (a), counted how many sentences, and counted the number of letters in the shortest and longest sentences!  Looking forward to lots of teachable moments with this fun teaching tool.
Some of the things we did today....a shape-a-saurus to review our shapes, measuring dino bones with cubes, writing the letter a and letter a art!!!  Looking forward to another great year teaching my little man (and woman)!

Rockstar 4 school!

A few changes had to be made to our classroom this year to step it up into 4 school!  Here's a look into our rockstar classroom!!!
Will's rockstar work wall......we had to buy a guitar stamp and star paper because there was NO guitar craft paper to be had.  It just forced us to get creative and both Will and I LOVE how the wall turned out!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tip toes & tutu's

This morning Kailyn started ballet!!!  She has missed dancing so much this summer and couldn't wait to wear a leotard, tights and of course her ballet bow!  This year due to the economy and this mom needing a crown, we made the decision to try a new dance place.  So this year Kailyn is taking dance from Zeeland Rec and so far (too soon to tell) Kailyn loves it!
My little ballerina couldn't wait to pose:)
Looking WAY too old.......
Our good friend, Kaitlyn, is also in the same class this fall!  We're giving the teacher a run for her money with these two and their names being so close!!  Happy dancing!

Future Quarter Back!

Last week Thursday night Will began practicing his favorite sport....FOOTBALL!!!!  Holland Rec offers a program called Smart Start Football for boys 3-5 and it's a perfect way to have Will learn the basics of football!  Each practice is designed to get a little bit he'll be challenged as well.
So excited to be able to play football with daddy!
Future kicker?????

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The first of many....

I can't believe that my baby girl is already old enough to be a kindergartener, but today was the day that we started a new chapter in our daily lives!  We are so proud of our little princess and she was so excited that I had to find a count down chart, like the one in the first few pictures, to help us stay focused!
"Hooray, Hooray, today is the big day!!!"
My precious baby girl!
My little people!
Waiting for the bus to come and pick her up!
So excited for her little trek across the street to school!
Getting off the bus at school.....all smiles!
Kailyn with our amazing neighbor (and an aide at Kailyn's school) who was the one to greet her at school when she got off the bus!  The bus was late and so Kailyn missed her teacher coming to get the kids from the playground but she wasn't bothered one bit!  Thank you so much Carol for putting this mommy at ease:)

Candy Apple Cookie Pops

For Kailyn's first day of Kindergarten I asked her teacher if we could make and bring a special first day treat!!!  We found this adorable recipe in the September issue of "Family Fun!"  It's an oreo cookie dipped (more like spooned so the cookies didn't fall apart) in red chocolate wafers and then embellished with mini m&m's, green stabursts and a pretzel stick to look like an apple.
We added a "Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten" tag and wrapped each pop so the kids could take them home if they didn't get to eat them at school:)

Sleeping?? Really??

William slept through an entire breathing treatment one night!   We couldn't believe that he was totally out! 


It's pretty typical for our family to end the summer with the Hudsonville Fair!  So we headed out one evening while the fair was in town.  We visited lots and lots of animals, sat on every tractor possible, got our faces painted and rode on a crazy nascar carnival ride:)
Always a fun way to send out the summer!!!!!