Monday, June 29, 2009

Presenting....Mr. and Mrs. Geurink!!!!!

The kids with Uncle Chad and Aunt Libby!!! They look so adorable - the bride and groom look great too!!
Daddy putting on her life jacket before going out onto the dock to board the boat that was going to take us to the reception:) What a fun experience and Kailyn's first ever boat ride:)
All Kailyn did on the boat was eat!! No wonder she didn't touch her dinner:)Chad and Libby had Coldstone Ice Cream brought in for all the guests:)
I think this post speaks for itself!! That and I put the pics so close together that I couldn't type anything between them:) We had a great time and were honored to be part of this day in Chad and Libby's life! Kailyn was awesome and adored Libby's dress and all the bridesmaids. She also loved the dance floor and was on it most of the night!!! Everyone enjoyed watching our little princess boogie!!!!! Kailyn, we are so proud of you and we know that Uncle Chad and Aunt Libby are too!!!

Practice makes perfect:)

On Friday night we headed to the chapel for rehearsal. Kailyn was so excited to be Auntie Libby's flower girl!!! Before we left the house, Ryan and I practiced with Kailyn down the hallway, with the practice petals and basket from Chad and Libby. Ryan even demonstrated how to be a great flower girl. Well, needless to say, she caught on fast and did great at rehearsal!
Kailyn's new best friend, Mason. She believed that they were getting married too!!!!
She used up all the petals in her basket before she even got down to the front:)
The happy couple, ready to go!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ballet class 1!

Kailyn had her first ballet class on Wednesday afternoon. She was so excited when she woke up from her nap and I told her that she got to go be a ballerina:) We even got there before her teacher!!! However, that gave her time to warm up to the new environment and see where she was going to be dancing.
Stretching with her classmates! They are doing the butterfly stretch here, which is what they focused on this week. They read a butterfly book, did a butterfly dance, got to take home a picture of a butterfly to color and got a butterfly stamp, which Kailyn had her teacher put on her foot!

Waiting for her turn to tumble!
Kailyn wants to go back today to dance class and was disappointed that she doesn't get to go back until next Wednesday:)

Kids "WANTED" by God!

Kailyn has been attending VBS this week and is loving it!!! She is in the same class as her new friend Mason and is excited to go every night:) The theme is kids "wanted" by God and it's a country western theme. When they get there the kids get to put on bandanas and do some singing with everybody, then it's off to hear a story, play some games, do a craft, eat a snack and whatever else they do! I am so proud of her for going and having a good time even though it's so hot:)

Father's Day!

I started planning for Father's Day a long time ago! A few weeks before, the kids and I went to the home improvement store and got all the supplies to make Ryan stepping stones:) It just worked out that Ryan had Chad's bachelor party to go to at the beginning of June and it worked for my parents to have us come for a campfire and hobos! I brought all the supplies along and my dad helped by mixing up the cement for us!!! Thanks again dad!
Will really wanted to help stir the cement!

The kids putting their handprints and stones/gems on their stepping stones.The finished product:)

We also made Ryan a cake with a mower on it! The kids had fun putting on the "grass" and building the mower:)

Silly kids!

On Saturday afternoon, we were supposed to go to our church picnic, but because of the weather and lack of sleep on Ryan's end we decided to just stay home and spend some time with just our family. So, when the kids got up we went outside to swim in the whale pool and let daddy sleep. After awhile the kids found their froggy boots and put them on. They looked so silly in their bathing suits and froggies:)
Just happy to be outside and together:)