Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Graduation Open Houses 2009

On Friday night, the family headed out to two graduation open houses. One for my brother's buddy Colin, who has been working for Ryan on side jobs, and the other for Aimee, my brother's girlfriend. We started out in Tallmadge Township and ended up at Spring Grove Park in Jamestown!!! We put a little bit of time and gas into visiting these two important people:) Congratulations Aimee and Colin!!!
Aimee's mom took this photo of us all together with Aimee. As you can see Kailyn loves "Miss Aimee" and she looks beautiful!!! We had a great time with some family and the kids enjoyed playing outside and exploring the beautiful park!
The kids aren't real great at posing AND looking at the camera - so at least we tried!On this one we caught them both:)
When we were ready to leave, we went in to say good-bye to Aimee and her family and Kailyn told us she was hungry. She picked out some chocolate chip cookies to eat on the way home. I think she thoroughly enjoyed them:)

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