Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dancing Ballerina!

We have officially enrolled Kailyn in a dance school! She is so excited and can't wait to become a ballerina:) She will be taking an 8 week ballet/tumbling class this summer to see if she wants to continue in the fall! In preparation we went to a second -hand store looking for leotards! We found three different ones and couldn't decide, so we got all three and we didn't even spend what a new one would have cost!!!!! We go for a shoe fitting on Thursday and we need some tights and then we are ready for some dancing! Striking a pose:)
This one is her current favorite because of the attached skirt, but I'm not sure they are going to let her wear it because of the skirt! I guess we'll see!

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  1. She will love it!! Fun about finding leotards at the second hand store. I'll have to remember that.