Thursday, May 27, 2010

Threeschool finale

My little peanut is officially done with Threeschool!!!! Today we all met at Timbertown for a fun filled last day. Kailyn with her teacher Mrs. Brouwer and the classroom aide Mrs. Schrotenboer....we love them both! They are amazing people and loved on Kailyn and Will throughout the year.
Kailyn with one of her friends, Megan. Siblings were welcome William had a great time!
After a while playing on the playground, we all had snack together and fed the one lone duck in the pond. Then we headed to the basketball courts to blow some bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk before the kids sang their final good-bye song:( What a great year we have had!!!!

2010 Graduate

Well.....he made it!!! My little brother graduated this year from Unity.....congrats bro, I'm proud of you!!! Next year, he's off to Grand Valley....just like his big sister:) Love you Josh!

Lamont Celebration!

In celebration of Lamont's 175th birthday, the city held a parade and several other activities throughout the day. Since Ryan was born and raised there, we decided to join in the festivities! We started out getting Kailyn's face painted, it turned out adorable and very sparkly, which is just how she likes it!My beautiful fairy butterfly!Grandma with the kids before the parade....The kids were able to collect a bunch of candy and several other goodies!
We ended our time with pony rides....and the kids loved them! Happy Birthday Lamont!


As an end of the year gift, for all the special teachers in my kids' lives, I really wanted to do something unique and meaningful! I found this idea on and it was just what I was looking for:) We filled the box with office supplies, hand sanitizer and chocolate! I already had some brown ribbon, so I picked out some coordinating craft paper and some embellishments for the top. I had a ton of fun putting these together and I think the recipients enjoyed getting them!
A special thank you to all the special people who touched my kids' lives and taught them so much this year!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike Parade

Today Kailyn's Threeschool class learned about bike safety and wearing helmets! After learning about how to stay safe from one of the little girl's dad, who is a Michigan State police officer, the kids decorated their bikes and had a bike parade!!! all sounds like so much fun, but I knew that Will would have an absolute fit if he only got to watch the kids parade on their bikes and didn't have his own, so Mrs. Brouwer graciously gave Will permission to join the class in the parade today:) After dropping Kailyn and her bike (which she rode to school because our garage door wouldn't open) we headed home to do a little decorating of our own!Here is Will proudly showing off his decorated bike!
Kailyn's bike all lined up for the parade.
The kids started off down the halls where the first graders and kindergarteners were lined up to watch. It was so cute....they were all chanting "Go Preschool!"They also had to show off their bikes in the office.....and my kids pretty much stuck together which made it easy to get pictures:)The next stop was the playground where the kids got to ride around in a circle on the sidewalk a few times for all the parents......such a simple activity, but so special!I don't think that smile ever left his face:)Kailyn's whole class proudly displaying their bikes! Thank you so much Mrs. Brouwer for allowing us to have a fantastic morning (even though I got nothing else accomplished).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toothbrush safety!

A few weeks ago, this was our little man at bedtime....too precious not to share! We had a feeling he might be "that kid" when we gave him his football helmet for Christmas, although he hasn't worn it quite as much as I had thought, he still loves it!Buddy, you crack us up! We love you:)


Well....after playing around, on and in the turtle sandbox, the kids were finally able to wash it up and get it ready for some play sand!!!! They were so excited, I didn't have to ask twice if they'd wash it out:) Now it is boasting sand and sand toys and has been the first thing the kids go outside to do!Thanks for being such excellent helpers Kailyn and Will!!!!!

Little Rock

This rock may not look very big (which it's not really), but small enough to put up your nose? Wednesday night I got to have a little mommy time away while Ryan watched the kids, a belated Mother's day gift of sorts:) Anyway, when I got home the kids were already in bed and Ryan told me that Kailyn had told him she had a rock up her he looked and felt around in her nose and had her blow her nose, but saw and felt nothing. So he concluded that she had a large booger up her nose and that was what she was talking about, end of story! On Thursday morning before we started to do her hair for school, Kailyn looked up her nose in the mirror and I could see something white! I immediately called Ryan and told him that she was not kidding, she had put a rock up her to get it out!!!!!! I tried grabbing the rock with a tweezers, but it was too big and too high up in her nose. So we tried blowing her nose, and when she realized the importance of getting this rock out of her nose, she blew really hard and almost got it out. So I was able to grab it with the tweezers and we could all breathe easier.....definitely not something I'd like to repeat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Volksparade 2010

Wednesday was the annual Volksparade here in Holland for Tulip Time, and as usual the kids and I walked from the house armed with an umbrella!! This year the chance of rain was 60 % and the radar showed a small band of showers coming across the lake, so the kids and I took off around 9:30 to try to beat it, but also to watch the dutch dancers at 10:) So we packed a lunch, some extra clothes for Will "just in case." the sunscreen, camera and activities to do while we waited for the parade to start! We also had our weekly stop at the library (which I hurried us through becuase the sky was getting darker and darker). The kids watching the dutch turned out we got downtown right at 10 and picked the first available spot, only to look up and see Mrs. Brouwer, Kailyn's teacher, right in front of us....we were pleasantly surprised as she was only subbing and we hadn't planned on watching anyone in special!!!!
Just after 11, it started to really rain, so we headed to the Phys. plant to seek shelter!!! We were going to meet Ryan for lunch anyway, but it worked out perfect. While we waited for daddy the kids colored pictures, watched Ice Age on our portable DVD player that I thought to grab, ate snacks and read the new books we checked out at the library....God is incredibly good!
The kids tried their hand at dutch dancing with the dancers before the streetscrubbing began. The roads and everything had actually already dried up and things were beautiful:)Kailyn kept calling this the "hangnail" instead of "windmill", it was hilarious, how she got hangnail out of that I'll never know!The kids loved watching the parade with grandma and their cousins....what a beautiful day for a parade!!!!