Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Rock

This rock may not look very big (which it's not really), but small enough to put up your nose? Wednesday night I got to have a little mommy time away while Ryan watched the kids, a belated Mother's day gift of sorts:) Anyway, when I got home the kids were already in bed and Ryan told me that Kailyn had told him she had a rock up her he looked and felt around in her nose and had her blow her nose, but saw and felt nothing. So he concluded that she had a large booger up her nose and that was what she was talking about, end of story! On Thursday morning before we started to do her hair for school, Kailyn looked up her nose in the mirror and I could see something white! I immediately called Ryan and told him that she was not kidding, she had put a rock up her to get it out!!!!!! I tried grabbing the rock with a tweezers, but it was too big and too high up in her nose. So we tried blowing her nose, and when she realized the importance of getting this rock out of her nose, she blew really hard and almost got it out. So I was able to grab it with the tweezers and we could all breathe easier.....definitely not something I'd like to repeat.

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