Friday, May 7, 2010

Volksparade 2010

Wednesday was the annual Volksparade here in Holland for Tulip Time, and as usual the kids and I walked from the house armed with an umbrella!! This year the chance of rain was 60 % and the radar showed a small band of showers coming across the lake, so the kids and I took off around 9:30 to try to beat it, but also to watch the dutch dancers at 10:) So we packed a lunch, some extra clothes for Will "just in case." the sunscreen, camera and activities to do while we waited for the parade to start! We also had our weekly stop at the library (which I hurried us through becuase the sky was getting darker and darker). The kids watching the dutch turned out we got downtown right at 10 and picked the first available spot, only to look up and see Mrs. Brouwer, Kailyn's teacher, right in front of us....we were pleasantly surprised as she was only subbing and we hadn't planned on watching anyone in special!!!!
Just after 11, it started to really rain, so we headed to the Phys. plant to seek shelter!!! We were going to meet Ryan for lunch anyway, but it worked out perfect. While we waited for daddy the kids colored pictures, watched Ice Age on our portable DVD player that I thought to grab, ate snacks and read the new books we checked out at the library....God is incredibly good!
The kids tried their hand at dutch dancing with the dancers before the streetscrubbing began. The roads and everything had actually already dried up and things were beautiful:)Kailyn kept calling this the "hangnail" instead of "windmill", it was hilarious, how she got hangnail out of that I'll never know!The kids loved watching the parade with grandma and their cousins....what a beautiful day for a parade!!!!


  1. It looks like you had a great time on Wednesday and made the most of the day. It was great that it cleared up so nicely in time for the parade.

  2. Nice photos of the Tulip Time festival. I heard that dancers sometimes break one of their shoes. Did you see such a thing happen? If yes: Do you have photos of it?


    from Holland, Europe