Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tiptoe through the Tulips!!!

Holland, is the second happiest town in U.S. and during tulip time we could probably be #1!!!! Tulip Time is one of my favorite times of year and makes me proud to be a Hollander:) This year, the weather has been so gorgeous, that most of the tulips are already in we headed downtown this weekend to tiptoe through the tulips and take some pictures before all the tourists arrive! Pictures of late are harder and harder to get, especially with my drama queen and king:) I included some silly ones just to give you an idea!The kids each picked out their favorite color tulips at Centennial Park to get some pictures by!Of course T. needed to get in one:)This picture was a cool concept, but the kiddos were not cooperating!Hanging around on Hope's anchor!The kids got to ride back to the shop with daddy in his Toolcat....they loved it!!!! Then we headed downtown to grab some subs at Subs-n-More before heading to the Peanut Store for our customary laffy taffy!We tried for one more pic on the way back to the you can tell, they were hamming it up!! Such a wonderful relaxing night...can't wait for more!