Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tomb cookies object lesson

The night before Easter Sunday, the kids made tomb cookies! What a great experience for the whole family. We started off by beating pecans (like the soldiers beat Jesus), then added vinegar (what Jesus was given to drink on the cross), salt (the tears of Jesus' followers), egg whites (eggs represent new life)......and so on. The ingredients needed to be beat for a long time, but we all took turns and got it done! Then we added in those pecans and dropped the batter on a cookie sheet and each cookie represented a rocky tomb. We then sealed the oven door just like the tomb was sealed by the huge boulder and went to sleep. The kids were surprised to find the cookies were empty in the morning:) I look forward to adding more scripture next year and the following years as they get older and can understand a little more detail! He is risen!

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