Monday, January 23, 2012


This year we again had a combined party at my parent's house where we gathered to celebrate a truly AMAZING six year old!!!!  The theme was (sort of) cupcakes and our colors were pink and purple!  I always really enjoy decorating for my kids' parties (even though some people think it's a little overboard!). Here is a peek into Kailyn's birthday extravaganza!
Our basket of party favors that Kailyn handed out as our guests left!
The kids (cousin) table!
This year I made 4 different soups in crock pots, had rolls and garlic sticks and salad for our meal!
We also opted to make cupcakes instead of a birthday "cake."
Happy Birthday sweetheart!


My sweet little six year old....where has the time gone???  She is totally excited about the legos from Will!!!  These Lego friends were a last minute find while we were birthday shopping and I couldn't leave it there...they are so well done:)  Happy Birthday Kailyn!!  We love you so much!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tonight was Kindergarten round-up for my baby boy!!!!  I am SO NOT ready for this....just thinking about it makes me want to cry!!! (At least it's January and I have 9 more months of enjoying childhood with my little man!)  Needless to say, Will was ecstatic and so was precious:)
West Ottawa class of 2025!!!!

Birthday treats:)

I was in the kitchen for the whole morning today working on a special little girls' birthday treat!  Cake pops that look like cupcakes was what she chose to bring to school this year, and I must say they are labor intensive but went WAY better than the last time I tried cake pops. 
I individually wrapped them and added a tag with a 6 on it!
All done and looking adorable...hope the kids like them tomorrow at school and that we don't have a snow day:)

Painting the snow

This past weekend the kids tried their hand at painting in the snow with waterbottles filled with water and tinted with food coloring.  Kailyn loved it and they both got a kick out of the yellow when I said it looked like "pee snow."  All in all a fun time we'll try brighter colors:)


Exactly what we were hoping to find as we begin to rip apart the breezeway....LOVE the exposed brick!

Daddy's Volvo finally snowed here in Michigan and that means loader rides in daddy's loader!!!!  Ryan called this past Saturday morning and asked if the kids could come ride with him for a while...and of course they did!!!! 
Will can't stop talking about when he'll be old enough to help daddy dump the snow!


Celebrating the snowfall outside with an indoor snowman craft!  As you can see, we had also been up to some baking!!!!
They used a marshmallow dipped in white paint to make the snow!