Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ballet & Soccer kick-off

 Kailyn is taking ballet again this year and was able to attend at Avalon again (where she LOVES to be)!
 Look at that form on the bar.....beautiful!
 Will's first year of soccer and he's on a team with his best buddy!!!! 
 What Kailyn and Avery were doing while their brothers practiced!

First day of school 2012

 My little first grader!
 My kindergartener!
 Waiting for the bus to bring them around the corner to school!!!

School Open House

 This year we have a kindergartener and a first grader in the house!!!!!  They were both very excited to go and check out their classrooms this year!
A super cute pinterest idea that we made and gave to the kids' teachers on open house night!

Family Rules

I have had my eye on this piece of art for the last 6-9 months at a local downtown store!  We were able to pick it up at sidewalk sales for 60 % off and no one had touched it because the words at the top had to be removed and then flipped because they were upside our benefit!!!  Love this!

Feel the love

Something blue

 With the blueberry crop ahead of schedule we almost missed our opportunity to pick!!!  Thank goodness we didn't...the kids really enjoy picking (and eating) the blueberries:)

LEGO mania!!!!!

 Will's 5th birthday was celebrated LEGO style!! It was his turn to have his first friend party and we went ALL out!! So much fun!
 The boys built their own lego city police jeep and then raced them down ramps in the living room.  My mother-in-law was able to come and lend some extra hands:)
 We also frosted sugar cookies and added M&M's for the knobs to look like legos.
 Gift time and then it was a free for all!
 The LEGO cakes that I made for our family party...the knobs are marshmellows (in case you're wondering).
 Thanks Aunt Kristi for reading all Will's cards to him!!!
 We just did dessert and treats along with a campfire for was also super fun!
Happy Birthday little man!!! I can't believe how old you are already!!

Too Fast!

 My little lady is growing up way too fast!!!  She lost her third tooth this summer at the beach....thanks Annie for making is painless (sort of)!!
***She has since lost her 4th tooth and has another one loose in the front....not sure how she is going to eat!!!!!

My little fishies

 The kids switched swim teachers this year and things seemed to be a better fit.  They both did great and LOVE the water!
 Showing off her backstroke!
 I love the expression on his face :)
Our little thank you gift for the kids' swim teachers...they are filled with life savers, get it?

July 4th!

 Centerpieces that I made for our annual 4th of July celebration with friends.  This year we added a breakfast before we rode down the boardwalk to hand out candy!
 The kids got to decorate their bikes before we headed to the boardwalk!
Thanks Katie for all of your hard working organizing and making this happen!!!!!