Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike Parade

Today Kailyn's Threeschool class learned about bike safety and wearing helmets! After learning about how to stay safe from one of the little girl's dad, who is a Michigan State police officer, the kids decorated their bikes and had a bike parade!!! all sounds like so much fun, but I knew that Will would have an absolute fit if he only got to watch the kids parade on their bikes and didn't have his own, so Mrs. Brouwer graciously gave Will permission to join the class in the parade today:) After dropping Kailyn and her bike (which she rode to school because our garage door wouldn't open) we headed home to do a little decorating of our own!Here is Will proudly showing off his decorated bike!
Kailyn's bike all lined up for the parade.
The kids started off down the halls where the first graders and kindergarteners were lined up to watch. It was so cute....they were all chanting "Go Preschool!"They also had to show off their bikes in the office.....and my kids pretty much stuck together which made it easy to get pictures:)The next stop was the playground where the kids got to ride around in a circle on the sidewalk a few times for all the parents......such a simple activity, but so special!I don't think that smile ever left his face:)Kailyn's whole class proudly displaying their bikes! Thank you so much Mrs. Brouwer for allowing us to have a fantastic morning (even though I got nothing else accomplished).

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