Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning after all the rain the previous night! I told the kids we had our very own pond and Kailyn wondered when we could go swimming:) By Sunday afternoon the water had pretty much all but disappeared, but that's because we are in sand. I know we didn't have it as bad as many other families in the area and for that we praise and thank God! On the positive side, the ugly carpet in the basement is gone!!!!Friday night I was left to try to get things off the floor and out of the basement. Ryan was called in to work and was there until 5 am on Saturday morning! I did the best I could and had to get pretty innovative with how best to lift the heavy things! We have the new carpet already for the basement but just haven't gotten around to installing it yet - funny how God works!
This crack in the brick was leaking a steady stream of water into the basement and looked like a little boy going to the bathroom:) At least we know one of the spots that needs some work!

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