Monday, September 19, 2011

Ready or not

Really hard to believe that my little man is ready for 4 school, but it's true (and probably a little kindergarten stuff thrown in too)!!  He was so ready for his first day of school!  I think he wore his backpack around the house for 20 minutes before we headed down to the classroom:) 
Hanging up his backpack on his hook.
Exploring dinosaurs through books!
Our daily message.  This is something I've added in this year to challenge both Kailyn and Will. Today we found our letter (a), counted how many sentences, and counted the number of letters in the shortest and longest sentences!  Looking forward to lots of teachable moments with this fun teaching tool.
Some of the things we did today....a shape-a-saurus to review our shapes, measuring dino bones with cubes, writing the letter a and letter a art!!!  Looking forward to another great year teaching my little man (and woman)!

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